“The Girl and the Tiger” by Paul Rosolie

The Girl and the Tiger

Paul Rosolie
Owl Hollow Press (2019)
ISBN 9781945654312
Reviewed by Jan Freeman for Reader Views (11/2020)

“The Girl and the Tiger” by Paul Rosolie is a tale of a lonely child with exceptional abilities. Isha is a small girl, living in India, who loves animals. The story begins in the prologue, before Isha has gained a reputation, and only her parents called her the Saint of Small Things. Isha is living with her grandparents, and in the country and is coping with other big changes in her life. She is also discovering her own way among people with whom she is acquainted. And then, she sees the tiger!

An excerpt I really like from the chapter entitled The Tiger: “There is a myth that there was once balance in nature, but balance, like peace, is an exception to the norm of the world of men. It is deliberate and paid for in blood.” The language goes on to describe the place the tigers once held in the world, and the dilemma the young tiger has in the current world. As she struggles to feed herself and stay hidden from humans, the tigress is barely surviving. And then she sees Isha!

The intertwining of the characters’ lives is very well written and holds the reader’s interest. India is a perfect background for this story, and the interactions between characters are easy to follow. In the author’s words: “It is a necklace of a book, a series of seeds and teeth and beads, stones and bones…”

The friends that Isha acquires on her journey are also well described and widen the storyline.  The complexity of the harsh realities that the girl has to absorb seem heartbreaking, but they are universal and understandable. Her ability to stand up to opposition is admirable, and her love and loyalty to the tiger are sweet and hopeful.

“The Girl and the Tiger” is a good read, very enjoyable, which evokes every emotion from the reader. A young girl who decides for herself how to view the world and its creatures. I would urge anyone who has loved an animal to read this book. The author takes care with details and offers a story that will keep people interested until the very end.

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