“A Million Little Lies” by Bette Lee Crosby

A Million Little Lies

Bette Lee Crosby
Bent Pine Publishing (2020)
ISBN 9780998106786
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (10/2020)

“A Million Little Lies” is a beautifully written story, full of family, secrets, and the pursuit of a better life.  Embracing readers in warmth, love and family drama, there is no better way to settle into the fall than with this heartwarming drama.

Suzanna hasn’t had an easy upbringing, or loving family. This story quickly opens with the uprooting of her life to escape an abusive alcoholic and protect her young daughter. Suzanna wanders into a funeral reception in a strange town with hopes of quickly feeding her daughter and continuing to New Jersey. However, despite her attempts at anonymity the widower spots her.  From that point forward, the lies that stem from a simple attempt to feed her daughter determine the direction of her life thereon out. But, will she be able to keep it all straight?  And what if her past catches up to her?

Suzanna makes for an intricate main character as author Bette Lee Crosby, gives us an inside view of her internal dialogue, insulating readers from the dark past she runs from while providing just enough glimpses of her childhood and love life to make us understand the need to suddenly disappear.  Straight out of a movie, this book flows beautifully, breaking between the men she’s escaping and the lies she’s trying to lead.  The complexity in Suzanna’s relationships stem from this internal struggle, adding layers to an otherwise fairytale story. 

Dropping salacious newcomers and malicious ex-flames, Crosby shows readers that family isn’t always blood and certainly isn’t always easy.  “A Million Little Lies” gives us an enjoyably unreliable narrator and several haunting villains from varying backgrounds as Suzanna attempts to settle into her new reality. The days quickly turn to months as Suzanna sinks deeper into the lies she’s woven. 

Suspenseful, dramatic, romantic and above all captivating. Readers will fly through the pages in this tale of family in unexpected places and the power of real love, providing the perfect escape from our current realities. A beautiful story of a courageous mother, doing what she thinks is best for her daughter.  There is no better tale of family. 

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