“Tireless: Key Principles that Drive Success Beyond Business School” by Kim Lorenz

Tireless: Key Principles that Drive Success Beyond Business School

Kim Lorenz
Made For Success Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781641463416
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (11/2020)

There is not a title more fitting for this book than “Tireless.”  Being a business owner is exhausting, but even more so, author Kim Lorenz built his career and businesses around the need to solve customer problems, specifically as they revolved around tire sales, usage, storage, etc.  Kim’s story, and the story of his business success, is not the typical story you read about in your MBA case studies.  Kim’s story is as simple as solving a customer’s problem, a problem they often don’t even recognize they have, and yet while this concept may be “simple” it is so much more challenging than we can even begin to imagine, something he outlines extraordinarily well throughout this book.

Like many business-driven, principle-based books I spent a good amount of time taking notes, marking pages to come back to and learning from the stories within. While each business is unique, we would be remiss if we did not learn from one another’s stories, successes, and failures, as it is ultimately how we better ourselves and the environments we operate in.  Like Kim, many businesses will flock to banks at one point or another over the course of their business’ life, whether it be for financing, merchant processing, deposits, or other financial solutions.  Given my career in helping businesses from the bank’s perspective, I appreciated his insights for other entrepreneurs, which included the good, bad, and ugly of his own banking experiences as a business owner.

There are a few times throughout this book the author seems to put the cart before the horse, telling readers “we’ll get to that later.”  This phrase certainly shows the author’s excitement in the story portrayed within, but it also keeps the reader bracing for the “later” in which this is discussed, potentially distracting from the messages between now and that particular “later.”  However, there are many lessons to be learned over the course of this read and the teachings are well insulated within an enjoyable story. 

Unlike many business-based books, “Tireless” seamlessly incorporates important wisdom over the course of Kim’s own story.  Somehow even the tire industry is made interesting, I know, I know, I couldn’t quite believe it myself. 

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