“Trick-or-Doggy Treat: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery

Trick-or-Doggy Treat: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery

Diane Wing
Modern History Press (2020)
ISBN: 9781615995387
Reviewed by Mark Sneed for Reader Views (11/2020)

“Trick-or-Doggy Treat” by Diane Wing is a well-written, intense mystery and detective novel. Initially, when I picked it up I thought, based on the cover and the silly title, it would be a modern-day Scooby Doo kind of mystery book. I could not have been more wrong. First things first, this is not a book for pre-teens despite the cover and the cute lady and dog on the cover. The story is complicated. The story is filled with twists and turns.

Diane Wing is a great writer. The plot is well rounded. The pacing is excellent for just 153 pages. I love the small town feel of the setting.

The Halloween-inspired book was a pleasant surprise. It was not a Scooby Doo mystery, but a well thought out murder mystery. I enjoyed trying to figure out who the murderer was and without giving anything away, I can only say the story is intriguing. As soon as you think Autumn is leaning toward one suspect the spotlight swings to another possibility.

The book is also filled with quirky characters. The Shih Tzu, Chrissy, is a character in and of herself. At first, I was a bit skeptical if Wing could pull off a genuine connection between a detective and a dog and was again, pleasantly surprised.

“Trick-or-Doggy Treat” is the third book in the “Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery series by Diane Wing. There are two interesting add-ons in the book as well. Wing offers a list of questions for your book club if needed that will inspire lively conversation. There are also several recipes that are featured in the story. Wing provides those recipes at the very end of the book for those that dabble. 5 stars!

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