“Honeymoon Alone” by Nicole Macaulay

Honeymoon Alone

Nicole Macaulay
4B Pub (2019)
ISBN 9781733276900
Reviewed by Verna Coy for Reader Views (11/2020)

“Honeymoon Alone” by Nicole Macaulay is a sweet romance. When Lucy’s sister and new husband go on honeymoon #1, that leaves tickets for honeymoon option#2 open. In a wild, unplanned moment, Lucy decides to use the vacation! Will she get caught? She meets an old friend in London and they hit it off, but someone gets suspicious and the whole charade may come crashing down. Will Lucy find the love of her life, and will it be the man she thought it would be…to find out, you must read this book.

Told from the perspective of the first person, this book shows the reader everything from the main character’s point of view. It was great to be inside her head, hearing every thought. I enjoyed the perspective of a woman on her own who is not used to being on her own. The newly experienced freedom of will seemed to pervade the entire book in an uplifting way.

There is a good-natured humor that flows through this text. I laughed at the main characters inner thoughts about her appearance at the 80s themed wedding and how she looked like a bottle of grape soda in her purple bridesmaid dress with polka-dots.

I loved the Jane Austen quote at the beginning of the book: “If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.” That statement suited this book quite admirably and set the tone for a lively adventure.

The editing and grammar in this work is impeccable, a sure sign of professional editing. An entertaining read from beginning to end, “Honeymoon Alone” by Nicole Macaulay is one I will return to on rainy days. I enjoyed the plot of the book and was pleasantly surprised by the fast pace. I recommend it to readers who like the fun of a little armchair travel. This book takes you to places like London and Paris and is full of the sights and sounds of those destinations in each scene. Without further ado, I rate this story with 5 out of 5 stars. Well done. Happy Reading!

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