“Peak Human Clock” by Said Hasyim

Peak Human Clock: How to Get up Early, Fix Eating Time Schedule, and Improve Exercise Routines to be Highly Productive 

Said Hasyim
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN: 9789811470400
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (11/2020)

“Peak Human Clock: How to Get up Early, Fix Eating Time Schedule, and Improve Exercise Routines to be Highly Productive ,” by Said Hasyim, could be the key to health, happiness, and productivity. This brief self-help book is packed with eye-opening information about how your body works based on the Circadian Rhythm, which is the natural sleep/wake, energy/no energy cycles our bodies use to maintain balance.

If you’ve ever noticed how there are times of the day you are more productive than others, more alert than others, or more wiped out than others, it could be due to the Circadian Rhythm, or the cycles of your own body. Some people are “morning” people, and thrive better in the early hours, while others are “night” people, and thrive best after the sun goes down. Sleep is crucial to proper functioning and overall health, and when our system gets out of line, we feel it. Said Hasyim helps you step by step to understand, recognize, and reset your biological clock’s inner workings so that you can be healthier, happier, more energetic, less stressful, and more productive.

This author’s concise but comprehensive approach to teaching you about the Circadian Rhythm is your springboard for positive change. Change can be hard for some people. We get used to doing things the same way. We like patterns and routines. This is actually a good way of looking at our biological rhythms. Tweaking our rhythms can make a big difference in your daily life – how you feel, how you work, communicate, and live your life every day. The strategies Hasyim offers are easy to understand and carry out. Sections covered are sleep, exercise, food, and routine. It’s that simple. And if you follow the plan offered here, you may find your mind/body process working in an entirely new and improved way.

What I like about the book is its easy approach, and the positive impact it can have on just about anyone. It’s basic information you’ve probably heard more than once in your life–get enough sleep, stay active, eat the right food–but when you tie it into the Circadian Rhythm, it all makes sense. There are plenty of charts and graphs to help illustrate the points as well. It isn’t meant to replace your doctor’s advice; it’s meant to supplement it, and there is some work involved. If you want to reach your peak, have a peek at Said Hasyim’s succinct little gem, “Peak Human Clock: How to Get up Early, Fix Eating Time Schedule, and Improve Exercise Routines to be Highly Productive .”

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