“Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience” by Bud Megargee

Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience

Bud Megargee
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN: 9798615081217
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (11/2020)

“Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience” by Bud Megargee is the companion piece to his 2018 book, “Soul Imprints: The Legacy of Existence.” Not having read “Soul Imprints,” this reviewer cannot name the similarities and differences between the two books. Megargee references his past works occasionally if only to refer to his soul-guide energy resource, known as Laz, and his oracle, Shirlet. Laz has explained to Megargee and Shirlet many of life’s perplexing questions related to human souls and the afterlife that would be unanswerable if not for someone/thing with personal experience.

Megargee has Catholic roots but is presently active in the Buddhist teachings so, he occasionally has some difficulty understanding or ability to grasp the complexity of what Laz tells him. Laz reports on some Buddhist teachings, such as a reincarnated soul, with also some Hindu mixed in with karma; the idea of a person having high vibration levels is the ultimate goal. An analogy for human souls is the octopus analogy, found in chapter one. The information reported on about souls by Laz already starts pretty complicatedly. Laz explains how souls came to be and soul fragmentation. The soul’s seven senses are touched on next; this topic has a relation to the seven chakras believed to be in every human’s body. The chakras must be cleansed during a person’s lifetime for the soul to pass through uneventfully; otherwise, the soul is stuck and incapable of completing its mission of reaching the top of the octopus head.

In the next chapters, the importance of our breath, the seven heavens and seven hells, and what our thoughts are capable of creating get mentioned. Then, soul reincarnation, vibration, frequency, and reincarnation, and soul life get discussed. Lastly, duplicate souls, soul transformation-becoming human, and transcendence are touched.

It was hard to keep up with the “mystical” knowledge that Laz was providing for us. Part of this reviewer’s problem is that she is Christian and finds many discussion points that Laz or Megargee bring up to be things that do not coincide with what is in the Bible. Laz refers to the Bible to support the power of our thoughts, but he takes a verse out of context, and reincarnation isn’t supported in the Bible. The idea that our thoughts have “power” is far-fetched to me, and it doesn’t bring me much reassurance when they say that Heaven and Hell are not real places, but instead, our attitude and perspective on life while we are on earth.

Aside from my personal beliefs, I liked how the format of the conversation between Laz, Megargee, and Shirlet is a transcript instead of just paragraphs; this made it easier for me to follow. I am still unsure of Laz and how Megargee can channel him since that is never specified. It is obvious that Megargee has a passion for this topic; it is always wise to research things that are as important as our afterlife. Fans of Megargee will enjoy “Soul Afterlife: Beyond the Near-Death Experience,” as well as believers in various world religions.   

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