“Flawed and (Still) Worthy by Allie Brazas

Flawed and (Still) Worthy

Allie Brazas
Lioncrest Publishing (2019)
ISBN: 9781544506074
Reviewed by Colette McNeil for Reader Views (12/2020)
5*A Very Worthy Read!

“Flawed and (Still) Worthy: Owning Your Journey and Embracing Your Flaws” shares the winding and often treacherous path that Alley Brazas found herself traversing throughout roughly, a decade of her young adult life. Beginning her journey of adulting, Allie’s optimistic personality, and strong sense of self-worth gave her the confidence and strength to engage the world with eagerness.

With a history of achieving by setting a high bar of excellence, Allie embraced her new role with an excitement for creating her perfect vision of what life should be.  As most of us learn over time, Allie found out that adulting is hard and life’s path does not always take us where we once imagined it should. But common adult responsibilities were not what high achievement-oriented Allie found so challenging.  No, her journey was derailed by an ongoing series of perils and tragedies the likes of which any, one, could debilitate a person. 

Allies journey tossed her down many deep holes, broke her over and over again, and threatened to destroy her mind, body, and spirit.  Allie suffered through each of the torments, then chose to pull herself together, fight the good fight and soldiered on.   This is a heart-breaking story of a young lady faced with immeasurable challenges.  She is left with scars that others might see as flaws, yet she continues to strive to find the beauty and joy in life.  She is fully human, “Flawed and (Still) Worthy”.  With encouragement like, “Never let the pain of what’s behind you keep you from experiencing what’s ahead of you,” Allie shares her story to inspire others who suffer to believe there is light in the world and a reason to seek recovery and live completely.  She invites the reader to feel the pain, accept help, allow yourself to heal AND live life fully and Worthy of Love and Joy.

Reading this book, I felt like I was in a safe and comforting space, sitting across from a friend telling her story.  Allie’s approach to the topic, writing from the point of view of varied emotions and states of mind gives us not only the facts of the story, but the completeness of the human experience.  While the book harbors many trials and tribulations, the focus is always upon the worthiness of the human state of being, learning from the experience, and continuing to move forward.  Allie Brazas opened herself up vulnerably and has written her story masterfully.  “Flawed and (Still) Worthy: Owning Your Journey and Embracing Your Flaws” is a book I would recommend for anyone seeking inspiration for healing and thriving.

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