“Angels Watching Over Me” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman

Angels Watching Over Me

Pam Ware, Linda Dipman
Outskirts Press (2020)
ISBN: 9781977227751
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (11/2020)

“Angels Watching Over Me,” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman, is a riveting book with stories about angels and the roles they played in their lives, and in the lives of others. The book opens with a visceral account of Pam’s auto accident and encounter with an angel. This sets the stage for the subject to unfold.

Besides being about angels, this book is also the authors’ life stories in a way – their histories, how they met, and the barriers they faced because of their lesbian relationship. The authors provide heartbreaking backstories that shaped their lives and career paths. They successfully weave angel encounters, autobiographies, and faith into a must-read book. As you read, you will discover that you may have a lot in common with these ladies and may become convinced that angels do play a bigger role in your life than you realize.

Pam’s work with the AIDS crisis, hospice services, and palliative care is something else that stands out. Her commitment to honesty is rare. It’s interesting reading about the relationships evolving over time, the struggle with sexuality, and how angels were there during critical moments of need.

There is an emotional, magnetic quality to this book that is quite relatable, and I like that it offers Bible verses to support the existence and purpose of angels. If you’ve never felt the intervention or presence of an angel, you may find it hard to relate, but finish all of the book, because by the time you reach the end, you may find yourself more accepting of the concept.

I admire the studious approach to the subject of angels, and the strength it took for Pam and Linda to survive and thrive in the midst of criticism. Though some of the reading audience may not agree with everything in the book, It is still a captivating work that can open your eyes to other experiences, both natural and supernatural. The candid history of the stigma surrounding AIDS in its early days is both heartbreaking and sobering; a reminder that we should never forget how it was back then. Linda’s journey is equally enlightening and inspiring, and both women offer hope and help through this book and other means.

In short, “Angels Watching Over Me,” by Pam Ware and Linda Dipman, is a must-read for those yearning to learn more about the realm of angels.

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