“Cross Waves” by Amanda Uhl

Cross Waves

Amanda Uhl
Amanda Uhl, LLC (2020)
ISBN 9781952581007
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (12/2020)

Cast as a paranormal romantic suspense, “Cross Waves” is the second in the Mind Hackers Series by Amanda Uhl.  “Cross Waves” bursts into this genre’s scene with steamy characters, badass powers, and a seriously twisted plot to hurt the ones Geneva and Rolf love.

This is the paranormal romantic suspense novel your life has been missing. Author Amanda Uhl creates such a realistic fantasy world that immediately draws readers in, so well in fact that it is easy to forget the paranormal aspects of this suspenseful and dramatic manhunt. Using “energy” and color to describe feelings and characters, Uhl creates depth and sensory engagement to her story. 

The main players within “Cross Waves” are the hunky, boding Rolf with deadly secrets of his own and his reluctant partner Geneva, a “tracker” with capabilities so powerful few dare to team up with her.  But, they both have a history with one another the provides the foundation for a tug of war of the heart strings.  Together Rolf and Geneva must work to save Rolf’s sister and Geneva’s best friend, Julia and stop the sinister kidnappers from harnessing their supernatural powers for evil. 

This book begins with an aura color chart.  This chart is a “cheat sheet” into the unique color aura of each person.  For instance, Julia is a violet color, thus as Geneva works to track Julia she seeks waves of violet.  Additionally, this chart outlines trait colors we encounter throughout this read.  Colors such as dull red which portray worry, purple which indicates passion and gray which forbodes lying.  Uhl does a great job of weaving in hints of what the colors mean throughout the book, however I still found myself referring back to this chart periodically, leading me to best enjoy this as a physical copy with easy access to flipping back and forth from chart to page.

“Cross Waves” does not lack for action, chasing down kidnappers and seeping lust.  However, some of the escape scenes were not fully developed, lacking the detail needed to fully understand how the characters manipulated their escape.  Additionally, while this book firmly held as a standalone, I ached for more details and background on the dark versus light concepts of power and premises within.  Regardless though, this book is sure to have readers falling more in love with the paranormal, and how could they not, given Rolf’s dark, brooding charms.

While the genre of paranormal romantic suspense may be a mouthful to say aloud, it brings the best of so many worlds together.  The sweltering lush of dreamy main characters, action packed thrills and disarming supernatural powers that are not entirely unrealistic.  Uhl combines the best of all these genres in “Cross Waves” to create a seriously riveting story of passion, suspense, and intrigue.

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