“The Broker” by D. Sidney Potter

The Broker

D. Sidney Potter
Palmetto Publishing (2020)
ISBN 9781641117005
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (12/2020)

“The Broker,” by D. Sidney Potter, is a memoir about the commercial real estate business every aspiring broker should read. The author talks honestly about working his way up, and racial issues in real estate, drawing from his personal experiences and direct observation.

In a world where racism exists in every societal construct, the author, raised in a biracial home, demonstrates how he began his accomplished career on wits, determination, and professionalism to overcome those barriers. The real estate arena is competitive and tough enough on its own, but race adds another dimension to consider. Even if you have only a passing interest in real estate, you’ll find lots of informational gems to inform and inspire. And if you are into memoirs, this is one that will keep you involved to the end.

Anyone who has ever had a dream and gone after it can relate to the content. In some places it comes across as tough talk, but Potter is as tough on himself as he is the reader. As you read, when he comes on like a hurricane, you listen. That being said, if racial language and situations trigger you or make you feel uncomfortable, this may not be your book. The book is peppered with racial language and exchanges between people in the book, but to demonstrate that racism exists in every corner of business, and the fallout from said racism. There are lessons of race and tolerance for the reading audience to learn from the author.

In addition to the subject of racism in real estate, Potter talks with respect and poignancy about his childhood with family, and his early goal of being an FBI agent, and how events, positive and negative, worked together to shape the person and broker he would become in the future.

When he gets into the sections on real estate, he offers a direct, been-there-done-that guide for beginning brokers looking to make a lot of money or make a living. His clever tricks of the trade are well worth this read, and it’s always good to hear precious information from an insider. He also lays out beginning-to-end scenarios that will make or break a deal, as well as situations to avoid, go after, or handle with caution. He profiles the different characteristics of successful brokers, and bad brokers. Phrases like “Robo-Broker” catch your interest and keep you interested. The author’s A to Z encyclopedic bites of real estate language is a resource you can refer to time and time again.

If you’re a new broker or wonder if you’re cut out to be one in the future, you’ll want to read this book. Think of it as GPS for real estate brokers. Fans of Tony Robbins (life coach/entrepreneur) or Ryan Williams (real estate CEO) will appreciate “The Broker,” by D. Sidney Potter.

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