“Navigating Life’s Journey” by Richard Battle

Navigating Life’s Journey: Common Sense in Uncommon Times

Richard Battle
Outskirts Press (2020)
ISBN: 9781977230935
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (1/2021)

“Navigating Life’s Journey: Common Sense in Uncommon Times” offers a wealth of positivity and motivation to continue on your life’s course while trying to stay one step ahead of the negativity that seemed to encompass the year 2020. Richard Battle is no stranger to giving advice when it is most needed, as depicted in his previous book, “Conquering Life’s Course: Common Sense in Chaotic Times,” which would be just as applicable now as it was when it was released at the end of 2019. Being a seasoned author, Battle presents personal stories from his past, as well as stories from history that pertain to presidents, authors, businessmen, and overall normal people who put forth the work and determination to change history for us today.

The chapters are short in length but vast in wisdom, with morals and life lessons being taught, such as how you want others to think of you and ways of living up to your full potential. Each of the four sections of the book is titled to reflect and support the main theme of navigating life’s journey through waters that are smooth, around the bend, and resilient and relentless. In the end, you reach your destination through hope and optimism with the safe harbor ahead! Throughout the book, stories are told, inspirational quotes are discussed, and Scripture verses from the Christian Bible are proclaimed to round out the discussion of each topic.

“Navigating Life’s Journey” is the perfect speed for readers who need to hear what Battle has to say, but don’t have much time to dedicate to reading, as the chapters are quick to read through. Each chapter offers new and valuable information for any person dealing with a variety of issues. Reading through his book, I felt re-energized and ready to take on my next task for the day; learning that each one has a lasting effect on my future circumstances and reputation. Battle’s books apply to everyone, even those who can’t read, and when taken seriously, have the power to transform lives around the world, for the better. It is clear that he has a passion for his work; it is hard to imagine that he would have many more life experiences to talk about in the future!

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