“What is Divine Energy: The Power of Managing The Science of Everything” by Vipin Gupta

What is Divine Energy

Vipin Gupta
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9798589114461
Reviewed by Susan Violante and Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/20)

Susan Violante’s Review:

I was a little intimidated when I started reading “What is Divine Energy” by Vipin Gupta but having studied one year of philosophy and few years of organization and systems I could not resist my curiosity on how organization management concepts would apply as a methodology for exploration in the quest of ‘What is Divine Energy’ along with the scientific method. I am glad I read Gupta’s biography at the beginning as I realized his experience in Global Management, because it helped me make sense of his approach from the beginning.

We all have existentialists questions that keep nagging us through our lives. “What is Divine Energy” answers many of these questions based on some elements of Hindu culture and different scientific concepts. The reader, not familiar with these concepts, will most likely be confused and overwhelmed at the beginning but as they go on reading, they will be able to identify a pattern that makes sense which will make the content easier to read. However, this is not a quick, easy read. It is more like a class or workshop to discover a new dimension of understanding the universe that we can see and the one we cannot see. Be prepared to take notes and repeat reading.

Vipin Gupta’s writing style takes readers into a university auditorium. As the first book of a series, the book is a technical introduction to the series, however, his voice is fluid making the ideas within flow perfectly. It is because of his voice that such a technical book can be read by regular people like me, with a little patience in the beginning.

I was fascinated with the concepts of power management and how it gave structure to such deep ideas about Divine energy, Nature, Consciousness, and different Realities. But I also enjoyed discovering a totally new way to see and express those ideas. Like the idea that we started as atoms and that cells ‘are the energized consciousness of the atomic potential, shaped by the astrological flow of the energies during the formative phase of the cell…’  because it put things under a new light in my mind as I always wondered how we related to the making of the universe as biological creature.

Overall, I found “What is Divine Energy” by Vipin Gupta to be a fascinating, and mind-blowing technical guide to the theory of everything. The opening of a series of books which I can hardly wait to read.  It is a five-star, well-written 600+ page, complex Scientific analysis about the Theory of Everything and how we relate to it.

Paige Lovitt’s Review:

“What is Divine Energy,” involves a complex and comprehensive discussion to answer this very question. It looks at the scientific nature of divine energy. Initially I found this information presented in a way that overwhelmed me. Then I realized that it isn’t the type of text that you just sit and read. It is more like a technical manual, where it should be highlighted, journaled, and read more than once.  Readers will want to refer back to it as a guide when they go through different experiences in their lives. Personally, I loved that the topic tied together the divine aspects of Mother Nature to modern science. It takes a look at Divine Energy from a scientific approach, while incorporating aspects of Indian Culture.  The author Vipin Gupta addresses answers to questions that many of us feel about there being a connection between the Divine Energy and science. He provides a great deal of evidence to show that the two are connected. These are answers that need to be presented so that they are available to us as we evolve both physically and spiritually. In addition to covering a variety of scientific topics, discussions cover from the beginning of creation, to our own human evolvement on physical and spiritual levels, to our death, and what follows.

I was profoundly affected by the discussion about how Mother Nature provides us with the gift of consciousness in order for us to be able to enjoy our reality. I also found “Understanding the Ten Dimensions of Cultural Conditions,” to be extremely interesting as the author relates the conditions to cultures from different areas of the globe including, Southern Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. For my first read, I found these topics to be easier for me to be able to relate.

“What is Divine Energy,” is not an easy, nor a light read. It consists of over 600 pages of extremely detailed, cited, technical information presented in an extended version format. Gupta also provides Hindi translations of terms that he uses and notes their energy value. The inclusion of energy values is a unique feature because the energy values are based upon his discoveries.  He includes an extensive index of these words in both English and Hindi. This book is for the reader who wants to be fully immersed in this complex topic.  I suspect that they will find everything they need in this version of “What is Divine Energy.”

2 thoughts on ““What is Divine Energy: The Power of Managing The Science of Everything” by Vipin Gupta

  1. Excellent review. Really had me wanting to read the book, until you mentioned 600+ pages. I’m afraid that’s a bit beyond my mental focus capacity at the moment. But perhaps in the future!


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