“The Midas Death” by Diana M. DeLuca

The Midas Death

Diana M. DeLuca
Seafield House (2020)
ISBN: 9780996093415
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (1/2021)

 “The Midas Death” is an Inspector Kajiwara mystery by Diana M. DeLuca. In December 1997 in the beautiful state of Hawaii, a strange murder has occurred! Not just any victim, Professor Harrison Whitworth is a highly esteemed resident and the state’s only award-winning Noble Prize winner! So esteemed in fact, that the Governor connected with local law enforcement officials to find some answers. Professor Whitworth found murdered outside his home, was the victim of a method that defies imagination – an actual arrow fired from a bow from quite some distance; accurately finding its target.

Inspector Kajiwara of the Criminal Investigative Division is tasked with the assignment. Inspector “Kaj” is a former Vietnam veteran who is suffering with his own demons – the horrors of his time during the war. The inspector’s major dilemma isn’t just solving the murder but navigating his search through the consulate of a foreign country! No entities are off limits, and the University, its faculties, and politicians must all be vetted and investigated to solve this unusual murder! A Bow and Arrow?

“The Midas Death” is a very unusual detective/mystery narrative. One might say that all detective stories are primarily about a detective’s journey into capturing a killer. Not this book! The author is able to deviate off track enough to bring about an engaging start and a mysterious ending. Inspector “Kaj” isn’t your typical detective with the brilliant IQ nor the gifted ability to outsmart anyone. In fact, the inspector’s normality in this unusual murder makes him duly noted for the situation! A little bit of a “Columbo” type of detective, where you think you’re playing him but all the while you’re getting played.

Readers will subtly find the brilliancy of the book is captured by the inspector’s body and eye gestures – a scratch here, and a wave of his hair there as he interrogates various suspects is very telling! He comes off as a man that is aware of all the possibilities, trusting no one but only goes where he knows he must go. The Midas Death by Diana M. DeLuca is also set in a beautiful locale with colorful characters, but the type of death described and the “way” its revealed certainly stands out. As you’re reading you’ll feel the part of “Kaj” attempting to solve the murder. And as you “think” you have it you’ll be in for a mysterious turn. A very-well written story. Would make a good TV series. 5 stars….

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