“Sea of Forgetfulness” by Lanie Mores

Sea of Forgetfulness

Lanie Mores
Tellwell Talent (2020)
ISBN: 9780228828679
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views

“Sea of Forgetfulness” by Lanie Mores, is a supernatural thriller that thoroughly entertains from start to finish. Daniela is born unwanted by her self-centered mother but may have special powers beyond the natural realm. She is raised and nurtured by her aunt Angelika, and Anthony. Dani grapples with psychological issues after witnessing something terrible, but parental support and treatment pull her through and help her adjust to a normal routine at home. And then her life takes a dramatic turn at age thirteen, when she is injured in an accident that brings out the strength of her powers. To avoid telling her parents about her power, or worse, hurting them with it, her attention shifts to finding answers from her distant mutant siblings about where she came from and how she can control her ability.

There is a lot to like about this book. First of all, Mores writes with an experienced hand and knows exactly where she wants to go with a story. Or at least, it comes across that way. There is a poetic ring to her phrasing, and her vivid imagery gives the story a cinematic feel. Her worldbuilding skills are topnotch, and her characters are finely drawn and multi-dimensional. Dani is a really good character, and I like how the author weaves psychological aspects into the plot and the characters.

Readers will be totally invested in this story and what happens, especially with Dani. She has a power that is consuming and may be the key to a prophecy. That’s a lot for a young person to carry, but you’ll enjoy her quest as it unfolds. There are intriguing developments along the way, like an amulet and a map, and a lost boy named Jonathan who can’t remember who he is, but Dani bonds with. They fight pirates, the undead, and her shockingly evil origin family. Her biggest dilemma revolves around whether Will Dani claim her destiny and disrupt her family’s wicked plan, or take her part in fulfillment of the prophecy that could mean the ruin of mankind itself?

“Sea of Forgetfulness” by Lanie Mores, is the perfect book if you’re looking for quality writing and an unforgettable story.

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