“One Vote” by J. Stewart Willis

One Vote

J. Stewart Willis
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9780578795539
Reviewed by Mark Sneed for Reader Views (1/2021)

Let me begin simply. I loved this book. “One Vote” is a great read. The story is solid. I love a political thriller and this book is all that and more. What is delightful about “One Vote” is the unexpected nature of the tension which holds the story together. It is a simple idea but J. Stewart Willis does an incredible job of delivering on the idea. The introduction of the characters is well done. The story is rock solid. Okay. Before you start looking at the rating and wondering how you laud all these compliments on the novel and only give it a middle of the road rating. Well, it’s simple – there are a few flaws that stop it from being the slam dunk best book I’ve read this year that tie my hands as a reviewer when I read a book. Let me explain.

I liked the premise and the story; it is a delightful political novel. The writing held my attention from beginning to end. The mechanics are solid here. J. Stewart Willis weaves a great political thriller. I like the idea of man versus society – it is done incredibly well in “One Vote.” I believe the storytelling and as I read I could see the story really occurring. As a reader I sympathize with the fate of the everyman and enjoyed the backbone of the everyman as well. Perhaps, it is how the author introduces the everyman that makes him so relatable. He is not a big politico. He is simply a politico. In a time of politics over conscience One Vote suggests the real heroes are the ones who listen to their conscience and do not rely solely on politics. J. Stewart Willis offers a tightly written tale. Love the seeming simple action of one man which causes so much in its aftermath. Good storytelling. Characters are well thought out. Liked everything about the story and plot of “One Vote.” Highly recommended.

That said, there are some issues. There is some uneven formatting and grammatical errors in this novel and I would recommend a once over by a good editor. If these glitches had been addressed this would probably be my favorite book of the year.  Once I began, the story is compelling enough to try to overlook the simple mechanical mistakes of a great story but the issues are sadly too distracting to the reader. I do hope to seem more from J. Stewart Willis in the future. Great potential.

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