“Marx’s Sophistries: The Fractured Logic of Das Kapital” by Lawrence Eubank

Marx’s Sophistries: The Fractured Logic of Das Kapital

Lawrence Eubank
CreateSpace Independent Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9781981855766
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (12/2020)

Between 1867- 1883 Karl Marx, the famous philosopher and socialist revolutionist wrote a three-volume book called Das Kapital (The Capital). “Marx’s Sophistries: The Fractured Logic Of Das Kapital” written by Lawrence Eubanks, is an intellectual rebuke of Marx’s book. Karl Marx’s book is collectively known what the world calls “Marxism.” Marxism, as well as the book’s ultimate conclusion, is “the world’s politics/economics manifests itself as either the ruling class of people (bourgeoisie) or the working class of people. (proletariat). Even more defining, that capitalism is “doomed” to fail by self-destruction! Hence, that socialism is the only system that would work.

Throughout this book the author states vehemently and unequivocally that Karl Marx’s basic theory about Capitalism vs. Marxism argument is inherently impressive sounding but is in fact incomprehensible and ambiguous. Furthermore, the book, point by point, states that a large degree of Marx’s argument is based on “Dialectics” meaning one can make almost  anything fit in their narrative by using all “proposing” words that neither disapproves or approves! Ultimately, the book attempts to demonstrate through intellectual means that Karl Marx’s theory is extremely flawed! This is the advent of a well-timed book! Due to the current political situation in the world, particularly in the United States, it is a must-read. America, with some scholars as well as the masses, are at extreme polar opposites as to where this country is headed.

The first thing I must say that this manuscript isn’t what I call a “glance” book. What I mean is that the best way to really enjoy this book is to take your time. It’s an intellectual discussion and exhibit! What’s particularly interesting about this book is that you don’t have to be an academic or hold a PhD to grasp the contents. Conversely, if you happened to be credentialed in history, politics, or economics, this book is a treat! The author patiently brings you along from the basic arguments to the insightful conclusions. There are many points made that you’ll find very surprising concerning how we all are as “basic humans!” That’s right, many insights were pointed out to me about myself that I hadn’t really thought about.

The book doesn’t encourage socialism, but what I found very dynamic is that if you are a socialist, and believe whole-heartedly in the concept of socialism, wouldn’t you desire to understand its original concept, theory, and pertinent facts? Neither I nor the author are “telling” you what to do or believe! This book is little more than the argument presented! I’m not really sure that the author even thought how this book could challenge an individual belief! A well-written, easy to understand, thought provoking narrative that I would recommend to all; particularly if you’re a student about to enter a university in the studies of politics. Five stars!

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