“Last Temptation” by Sloane Virago

Last Temptation

Sloane Virago
Independently Published (2021)
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (1/2021)

“Last Temptation” by Sloane Virago, is a magnetic literary romance novel that will have you invested from start to finish. It’s the first book in the author’s Trials of the Demiurge series.

Daemon has a dark side, and Esperanza may be the one to help him, but is love enough? Jacob and Peter are best friends, and Esperanza has been friends with them both since childhood. Daemon is connected to the three of them, but not all of the ways are obvious or with good intentions. Esperanza has fallen for his wiles, and she may be in too deep. A love triangle complicates things.

Jacob admires Daemon and his unorthodox ways, and Peter is tantalizing to Esperanza, who had only regarded him as a friend before. But a turn of events puts the brakes on her relationship with Peter, and since Jacob is so wrapped up in himself to care what’s happening with her, she’s vulnerable to the irresistible Daemon. He has secrets, he seems a bit dangerous, and he has a destiny that he is intent on fulfilling. Can she let herself love him, or will it cost her something more than life itself? Daemon has a decision to make. He could relinquish his reason for being, all for Esperanza, the only woman he’s truly ever loved. But this would mean ramifications. Esperanza, or his calling? Which will he choose?

This compelling novel ticks a lot of boxes for romance fans. The author’s easy style is engaging from page one, and the breezy dialogue and clear descriptions make getting to know the characters a lot of fun. There is a love triangle, and the friends-to-lovers angle, and a dark mysterious element named Daemon that throws a wrench into the works. At first you think you know where the story is going, but Virago wisely adds some twists and turns. The angst will have you walking the floor as you read, and you really won’t know how it will end until you get there. The author’s casual writing style is deceptively simple, but there is a lot of turmoil going on under the surface. This is a romance novel with some suspense, sexual encounters, and a dilemma with eternal consequences.

“Last Temptation” by Sloane Virago, is a deep romance you shouldn’t miss. It’s a captivating beginning to a promising series.

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