“Sanctuary” by Christopher Cole


Christopher Cole
Kingston Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781645332602
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/21)

“Sanctuary” is the second book in the Dark Days series by Christopher Cole.

Traveling through the badlands to get to Fort Gold Rush is not easy for Sonny and his friends. They have to fight off zombies and bandits with whatever resources they have available. Sonny finds himself having to kill humans in order to save his friends. Once he arrives at the fort he quickly realizes that the locals see the new arrivals as “Outsiders,” and are not very welcoming. The friends continue to try to stay in close contact, even after they go their separate ways, with their new duties. As time passes, they find themselves in danger from more than just zombies. In this new world, they also have to deal with bandits, some who are cannibals, bad weather, deadly wildlife, and toxic plants. Matters escalate quickly when Sonny and his young friends are sent off to the woods to train as soldiers. An enigmatic stranger, with a very dark past, has decided to take Sonny under his wing and train him properly. Sonny isn’t too happy with this idea, but quickly finds this training useful as the story comes to a huge climax.

Following on the heels of “The Outbreak,” “Sanctuary,” stands well on its own. The author writes in enough detail about what happened earlier in the series, so I did not feel like I was missing out. However, I really enjoyed his writing and would like to go back and read the first one!

While this is a post-apocalyptic coming of age tale about a young teenager, I did not feel that it was a story limited to just teens and young adults. Older adults and some younger readers will also love this series. There was nothing sexually explicit happening in the storyline, however, there was a great deal of violence. After all it would be impossible to kill zombies without some gore. This should be considered when offering it to a younger reader. The storyline will definitely get members of the younger generation excited about reading, even if they normally don’t like to do so.

I truly enjoyed “Sanctuary,” and I look forward to the next installment in this series. I am hoping that there will be many more to follow. Christopher Cole is a gifted writer and has selected an excellent genre in which to showcase his work.

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