“The Art of Advertising” by Max Ivaniy

The Art of Advertising: How to Sell Anything to Anyone

Max Ivaniy
Max Ivaniy (2020)
ISBN 9781777441821
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (1/2021)

There is a lot packed into this 400+ page book.  Not all of it will be useful to every business or business owner, but it provides enough of a broad stroke summary to be helpful and applicable to all in some way or another. Whether through simplistic models, to quotes from advertising superstars over the years, “The Art of Advertising” is really a reference guide to get businesses advertising and taking that leap towards more profit potential.

“Money is just a scorecard of the value you create for your customers.” – p. 466

Author Max Ivaniy, seemingly gives readers the “secret sauce” for creating ads themselves and achieving higher profitability through “The Art of Advertising.”  However, there is a time, place and purpose for “stories” and real-life examples as authors within this genre must obtain readers’ trust.  While Ivaniy prides himself in creating a book without stories, he falters to gain credibility in the product and solutions he’s pushing within.  While seemingly in the advertising industry himself, by failing to promote his talents, experience and background, this book begins to wobble in the foundational credibility necessary for every author to obtain before jumping into an illustrious, catch all advertising book.  Without this, “The Art of Advertising” is merely a compiling of the successes of other famous people within the advertising industry and beyond, told through a third-party lens, quoting and using their tactics to create an all-inclusive strategic guide.

Starting strong, readers are immediately persuaded by the need and importance of advertising.  Advertising is a mindset that works for you 24/7/365, an investment that can be tracked and measured.  However, advertising is never critically defined.  Rather, readers are left wondering what the difference between advertising and marketing really is, thus further leaving readers grasping for a foundation on which the rest of the book rests. 

“The Art of Advertising” is broken into six key sections: (1) Mindset, (2) Market, (3) Message, (4) Persuade, Influence, Convert, (5) System and (6) Growth.  Each section includes catchy chapter titles, however if readers were hoping to refer back to one specific chapter on writing a print ad for example, they may have trouble deciphering specifically which chapter to find this in.  Readers will also discover a repetitiveness in each significant contribution, as the author first breaks things down simply and then provides a more detailed analysis immediately after, helping to solidify the theory or vital practice covered. 

Overall, Ivaniy asks a lot of questions that get readers and business owners thinking about their own strategy, business plan and advertising goals.  He drives hard, thoughtful responses out of readers throughout each chapter and seeks to relate his claims to the specific reader and their endeavors.  There is a lot of information compiled and housed within this thick all-inclusive guide as the author hopes you will refer to it over and over again in your own advertising practices.

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