“Alien Panic” by William X. Adams

Alien Panic

William X. Adams
Psi-Fi Books (2020)
ISBN: 9781733892773
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/21)                         
Lou Buck was a dedicated narcotics detective, until he went a little too far undercover and became addicted to the drugs that he was fighting to get off the streets. A stint in prison ruined his chances of resuming his career. When his daughter Lacey goes missing from her job as a SETI research assistant, Lou and his girlfriend Val walk away from their tedious jobs at a warehouse, to go in search of her. Lou is excited to put his old detective skills to use, however, he soon realizes that things are a lot more complicated than he expected. Lacey has been kidnapped by and though normally peaceful, they are now here to take over earth.

“Alien Panic,” is the second book in the Phane series, following  “Alien Body.” I did not read the first one and found that this second volume stands well on its own. I would like to read the whole series now that I discovered it. The author, William X. Adams, has a creative imagination and a gift for putting it on paper.  Seeing tennis balls, Oxy, Cheerios and duckweed, used in the same story definitely adds a creative touch.

While there are quirky characteristics to this sci-fi tale, it also has a lot of dimension. The scenes are well described and the use of unique alien technology livens up the action.  All of the characters, both human and alien evolve through the story line. Adams gives them an unexpected level of depth, despite their cartoonish appearance. The interaction between the two species, in the protagonist’s group is heartwarming.  It was interesting to note that the more time the alien leader spends on earth, the more he takes on human characteristics, like selfishness and greed. He did this without directly interacting with them.  Other real issues, like addiction, are also seamlessly woven in.

I really enjoyed “Alien Panic.” It captured my attention and I loved that I was always surprised with what the author had planned in each chapter. It was totally unpredictable, and fun to read. This is a book that will truly be enjoyed by science fiction fans who are looking for something unique.

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