“Cry from an Unknown Grave” by Joseph LeValley

Cry from an Unknown Grave

Joseph LeValley
Book Press Publishing (2020)
ISBN 9781947305106
Reviewed by Mark T. Sneed for Reader Views (1/2021)

“Cry from an Unknown Grave” by Joseph LeValley pulls from current news headlines to create a must-read thriller. Tony Harrington is smart. Harrington is an investigative reporter in Iowa. In the middle of the country there are big things happening and Harrington receives a call which sparks a wild and weird discovery.

This story is tightly written. LeValley is a good writer and I love the descriptive narratives. It is not all show. There is good dialog as well. The topic is heavy. Initially, the idea seemed a little far-fetched and a story more appropriate for bigger cities, but as LeValley points out evil is everywhere. It is the realization of the evil hiding in plain sight which makes this story so compelling. Set in Iowa it is an unlikely story but one which is riveting. The story is complicated and is working on a couple of levels but it is manageable.

Love the characters. Harrington, the main character, is not perfect and his flaws make him accessible. He is a man on a mission. The minor characters along the way are well thought out. They have some weight to them. The villains, there are a few, are surprising as they do not appear as the cookie cutter, mustache twirling, hand wringing bad guys. The bad guys are deceptively amiable and their reveals are surprising. As to character development, all the characters seemed believable, even the villains. The villains were despicable and what was nice about the bad guys’ development was they were not 2-Dimensional.

Love the twists of the story. There are a few unexpected twists in the story.  Like the Midwestern justice angle of the novel. In the Midwest they do not fret over things they can solve themselves, it seems. That aspect is refreshing as many loose ends are tied up completely by the end of the novel.

The conclusion is interesting. I suppose I should have expected the conclusions the writer offers, but nonetheless I was surprised by how the story ended. Of course, LeValley opens the door for the next novel with Harrington. Good job.

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