“Leadership Core” by Dick Daniels

Leadership Core

Dick Daniels
Leadership Development Group (2020)
ISBN : 9780578764184
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (1/2021)

“Leadership Core” by Dick Daniels, is an easy-to-understand, well-organized approach to building leadership skills–which starts with character–which is who we are when no one is around, and everyone can see it. Other attributes are incorporated into the guide, like competence, which is how adept you are at carrying out your job, and capacity, which is your ability to achieve higher levels of responsibility.

This could be for beginning leaders but is more geared toward the leader who already has some skills and wants to take them to a higher level. This playbook is perfect for organizations and individuals alike as they seek to strengthen their role in leadership. Organizations are the Petri dishes for leadership growth and development. When an organization is thriving, the leaders thrive. When leaders thrive, the organizations thrive. It’s a cyclical effect, and one that can be learned.

This book really speaks to leaders looking to go deeper and higher in an organization, and the award-winning Daniels uses his expertise and experience to help readers reach personal and professional goals. A veritable walking leadership and success resource, he brings an energy to his book and subject that makes reading it a pleasure.

It’s meant for organizations and businesses, but this is a big umbrella. You can use this information in a variety of settings, from a community meeting to a classroom to a support group or lecture. Good leaders aren’t born, they’re developed, with the right information and skills. True, some seem to have natural ability to lead, but this book is for ANYONE with the capacity to learn and grow as a leader.

I like that the information is easy to follow and is relevant for today’s ever-changing world. Some people think you can’t change, but this book shows that you can, by realizing that you can work on yourself to become better at who you are and what you do. Other points raised in the book: Who are you, really? What do people say about you, to your face, and then at the water cooler? Is your behavior consistent? Do you get results? Do you practice humility? How ethical are you? Are you trustworthy? Honest?

“Leadership Core” by Dick Daniels, could change your life and career.

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