“The First Robot President” by Robert Carlyle Taylor

The First Robot President

Robert Carlyle Taylor
Reflection Bay Press LLC (2020)
ISBN 9781734646245
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/2021)

“The First Robot President” by Robert Carlyle Taylor is a Sci-Fi political thriller set in the 25th century. Disgusted with the Republican and Democrat parties, Esmeralda follows her family’s interest in the Green party. After her daughter is raised, she decides to run for congress. The issue? Esmeralda is a robot, designed to be a robowife! Many people scoff at the idea of having a robot in Congress, however, Esmeralda manages to win. Keeping her momentum going forward, she next runs for vice-president and again earns her seat. In addition to fixing the economy, she wants to deal with the huge homeless problem and the issue of overpopulation. Shortly after winning her office, a tragedy propels Esmeralda right into the president’s seat. She stirs up some drama when she tries to implement a birth lottery to reduce the population. The planet is running out of space and resources.  When Esmeralda experiences her own crisis, she quickly learns who her enemies are. At the end of the day, family and true friends are her greatest asset.

“The First Robot President,” is a satirical glimpse into what I suspect could be our future. It provides a perfect combination of science fiction and politics. The author seamlessly blends lessons about economics and political science into the storyline. I found myself laughing out loud when things that happened during our current time are mentioned. Unfortunately, politicians themselves have not changed much, even after 500 years. I suspect this will be how it is in our own future.

I like that this novel is a fun read, but also offers some valuable insights into where we might be headed. Of course, five hundred years from now, it probably won’t matter to me! I recommend this story to people who enjoy futuristic tales. I would also recommend it to students who are studying economics and political science. It is intelligently written and even has flow charts and spread sheets included to back up the author’s ideas. It is a fun way to see theories applied to fictional life, that could actually reflect our true future.

“The First Robot President,” by Robert Carlyle Taylor left me with the feeling that we really need to make some huge changes now to insure the future of humankind and the planet.

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