“Operation Wolf Hunt” by Stephen Ross

Operation Wolf Hunt

Stephen Ross
Black Parrot Books (2020)
ISBN: 9780997087659
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/2021)

“Operation Wolf Hunt” is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller by Stephen Ross.

Luke Garrett and Chuck Reagan recently retired from the SEALS. Both men expected their civilian lives to be relatively uneventful. That quickly changes when they get a lucrative offer that is almost impossible to refuse. The CIA offers both men the chance to work together to take down the Mexican drug lord Carlos “El Lobo” Quintana. Luke and Chuck soon head down into Mexico to complete their mission. To add more icing on the cake, they will also be taking out two other drug lords who be meeting with Quintana to further their drug empires. The men quickly adapt to being back in the field and start tracking their targets. A beautiful local woman steps in to help them, when they encounter a glitch while preparing to exit the area. She has her own reasons for vengeance against Quintana and his crew. She is an unexpected complication that adds a lot more intensity to the mission. What the future holds for this trio remains to be seen.

“Operation Wolf Hunt,” quickly jumps into the action and never slows down until the last few pages. I totally enjoyed getting caught up in this thriller. The author does an excellent job of developing these characters. He gives us a glimpse into their pasts so that we get a greater understanding of their motivation. The addition of the female character adds to the suspense and leaves me hopeful that there will be more adventures to follow with them.

Ross also does an excellent job of bringing his scenes to life by describing them in vivid detail. He has a gift for heart-pounding suspense. Several times, I found myself holding my breath! The antagonists are truly evil, despicable characters. They have nothing redeeming about their characters. Ross’s vivid descriptions make them repulsive. It was fun to watch their downfall. I totally enjoyed reading “Operation Wolf Hunt,” and truly hope that it will become a series with more books soon to follow. Readers of suspenseful thrillers are guaranteed to enjoy this book!

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