“Love Poems from New England” by Jon Meyer

Love Poems From New England

Jon Meyer
Brilliant Light Publishing, L3C (2020)
ISBN 9781733232814
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/2021)

“Love Poems From New England” by Jon Meyer is a poem and photograph collection presented in a beautiful and colorful hardcover book. The poems are short and grouped in the New England States that inspired the collection: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont. I have visited only three of them and can say that while reading those chapters I longed to be there again and, inspired by the States I have never visited, I wished that I had been there. Through the poems I traveled to those places, I felt myself transported by the words as my senses were awakened by the poems.

The photos also taken by the author gave my mind a real visual on what I was feeling.  But the author’s presentation did not stop there, as he also includes an insight on how each poem and photo combination came to be part of his vision.

I have seen some of Jon Meyer’s previous work, so I am a fan. This new book only reaffirmed to me his amazing talent to take the reader from their couch to the beautiful place, moment and moment of reflection experienced by the author. It is really hard to pick a favorite to share. But below is one that resonated with me:

“No Record Keeping

There is no record
Keeping or scorecard
On the path to where
You live. Once there,
Past and future disappear.”

Author insight:

An idyllic road can encourage living in a moment devoid of striving or keeping score. Find a quiet path, and stroll along appreciating all the surrounding.”

The picture accompanying the poem is a quiet country road during the fall season somewhere in Connecticut.

“Love Poems From New England” by Jon Meyer is a Five Star work of art perfect for exhibition on every coffee table. I recommend all readers enjoy it on a quiet rainy afternoon with a cup of tea.

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