“Some Good Sweet Treats” by Jessica Mitton

Some Good Sweet Treats

Jessica Mitton
Breakwater Books (2020)
ISBN: 9781550818307
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/2021)

“Some Good Sweet Treats,” is dessert cookbook that follows the cookbook, “Some Good,” by Jessica Mitton. This cookbook offers a delicious selection of recipes that were created to be more nutritious than their typical counterparts.

Mitton uses her extensive knowledge as a Nutrition Consultant to keep the recipes delicious, healthy, and free of artificial ingredients, and they are all dairy and gluten free. Many are also vegan or vegetarian. The recipes are sectioned into their specific categories such as: Breads; Bars and Squares, Chocolate, Muffins and Cakes; and Cookies. There are even more than these! Each delicious recipe includes a photograph so that we can see what we are creating. These photographs immediately caught my attention!

Before we even get into the recipes, the author covers a couple of chapters with information about kitchen tools and ingredients that will be used. There is a resource list in the back of the book that lists name of companies that sell the specific ingredients. I am usually able to find everything on the Internet, but it is helpful to have an additional resource to help me search for something unusual.

I couldn’t wait to try some of these recipes. Since I am a crispy cookie person and I already had the ingredients, I made the Bittersweet Thins first. These are crunchy cookies that resemble Florentine Lace Cookies. These were incredibly delicious and not too sweet. They are also vegan. I will be making them again! Another vegan treat that I enjoyed was the Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. It is incredibly delicious and perfect for our colder temperatures. Raspberry Oat Squares will be next on my list. I just need to get some arrowroot powder.

It was a sweet surprise to find “Some Good Sweet Treats!” I highly recommend that readers, with a sweet tooth, try these recipes. It would also make a wonderful gift for someone who likes to bake. I am considering gifting one to a neighbor who bakes. I think this will work in my favor! Since the recipes are not too complex, new cooks will enjoy this as well. I would definitely consider giving one as a gift at a wedding shower, along with some kitchen tools for baking. This cookbook will make an excellent resource for bakers. I feel the need to get up and go bake something now!

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