“The Fred Valentine Show: Episode 1” by Vincent Glen

The Fred Valentine Show: Episode 1

Vincent Glen
Magic Rainbow (2020)
ISBN: 9781735311005
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/21)

“The Fred Valentine Show: Episode 1” by Vincent Glen is a creative and quirky musical comedy transformed into a magical, theatrical novel.  

Abner Redder, is the blind President and CEO of the Golden Jackpot Hotel and casino which is located in the outskirts of Las Vegas. He used his billion dollar winnings from the lottery and the sale of oil bearing land, to build his empire. Abner’s wife Tutty, who really runs everything, is looking for new talent to help revive the failing business. Tutty is hopeful when the Magnificent Four show up wanting to perform. The Magnificent Four is comprised of a group of talented talking animals who also have some magical abilities. Fred Valentine is a comedian who is also a St. Bernard. Joe is a suit wearing, cigar smoking, obnoxious orangutan who also likes to use magic to play tricks on people. Chipper is a Scarlet Macaw Parrot who likes to go on vision quests while under the influence of kerweekee. Elyvra is an oversexed Mexican Siamese Were cat. She likes to use her wiles to get what she wants. The crew is joined by The Wonder Gang, a crew of five leather clad dwarves, who like to party hard. Sixteen-year-old Tango Valentine is in charge of the group and lucked into this job. Tutty hires Tango as an assistant manager, while she tries to figure out a way to convince Abner to let the animals perform. He hates animals. Fortunately, because they can speak and Abner is blind, he doesn’t realize what they really are!

“The Fred Valentine Show: Episode 1,” is the first in a series of five episodes. It is presented as a Las Vegas style, theatrical music comedy play that is being shown, on stage in a fancy hotel in Las Vegas. In this episode, we are introduced to the cast of quirky, eccentric characters. Lots of laughter ensues while getting to know them in this story. The casino and hotel setting is well described and easy to picture. The once opulent hotel is easy to imagine as now fading and falling into tackiness.  The scenes involve a great deal of creativity and humor. Reader will find themselves laughing out loud, from the hijinks caused by the animals, dwarves, mother-in-law with dementia, and even a magical cuckoo clock. Snappy dialogue between all the characters makes this a really enjoyable book to read.

“The Fred Valentine Show: Episode 1,” is for fans who enjoy humorous fantasy. It would make a fun selection for reader’s groups. Discussing it will stimulate lively conversations. Adult readers will really get a kick out of this story and like me, will look forward to seeing what happens to this crew in future episodes.

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