“Is Present Reality” by Vipin Gupta

Is Present Reality: The Super-Science of the Transcendental Value

Vipin Gupta
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9798704997900
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (3/2021)

As a theology and philosophy enthusiast who studied a year of the subject in university just for my own curiosity; and one who has read the works of the Greek philosophers such as Socrates and Plato and religious books as the Bible, and Koran; I must say the third book in Vipin Gupta’s series, “Is Present Reality the Super-Science of The Transcendental Value,” should be included on the Great Hall of Fame of wisdom books shelf. “Is Present Reality” brings together philosophy, religion, physics, biology, mathematics, and management sciences to illustrate and explain present reality and its transcendence to other dimensions.   Having read book 1 and 2 as well, the third book for me brought everything I had gotten from the other two together.

In this book, Gupta starts with the atom and cellular level before going to the multi-cell human beings.  Through detailed explanation and scientific application, which includes an eclectic group of different disciplines, he reveals to readers concepts that will baffle, enlighten, and open their minds. The knowledge obtained if understood, can be applied to our life in order to manifest the future we want. For example, I discovered this at a personal level when I realized that I had a pattern of sacrificing my own wellness to further everyone else’s wellness. By doing this I am undermining the divine plan of mother nature who gifts independent power to each entity for furthering personal wellness; making it impossible for me to become the creator of the reality that I want…This powerful realization came from a couple of sentences at the beginning of the book.  As I continued reading, the quantity and deepness of the knowledge I was discovering was such, (from cellular level to multi-cellular entities, to atoms and quarks) I found myself pausing and making notes to be able to process each one. By the end of the book, I was exhausted and fulfilled…and overflowing with new questions! It was exhilarating.

“Is Present Reality” in short illustrates the multidimensional reality (past, present, and future); humans’ multi-dimensions (intellectual, physical and spiritual), as well as the multidimensions of other realms of existence. It doesn’t limit reality to our own life, as reality continues when we transcend which it would be the reality without us. While I could go on forever about this book, what I will recommend to the reader is to focus on the definitions first to grasp the message, write it down and then focus on the ‘values.’ Yes, it takes effort to read, understand and process the information it is priceless.

I recommend “Is Present Reality: The Super-Science of the Transcendental Value” by Vipin Gupta to inquiring minds thirsty to reach a higher level. It is a five star, well written analysis of our present and how we can change ourselves to obtain the ‘future present reality’ we want. It is  worth the work of reading it as it has infinite rewards.

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