“A Cabin in the Woods” by Marek Zahorec

A Cabin in the Woods

Marek Záhorec
Independently Published (2021)
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (03/21)

There are those who think writers have to be at least a bit maniacal in order to pen stories, seeing as that they live with a cavalcade of characters, plotlines, and locations swimming around in their heads at all times. “A Cabin in the Woods” is one book that proves this thought is an actual fact.

Damian Noble has achieved a small amount of fame from creating a couple of bestselling novels. Recently, however, his wife walked out on him because he fell into the depths of writer’s block and hasn’t been able to produce in quite a while. Feeling as if he’s teetering on the edge of insanity, Damian decides to revisit the one place he feels the most comfortable—a cabin in the woods where he spent a lot of time as a boy. Once inside the familiar haven, Damian begins to relax and the story that has seemingly been trapped in his mind explodes onto the page.

While writing this twisted tale, Damian finds frightening things cropping up all around him. He stumbles across a retired cop named Bob, and his daughter, Beth, who happens to suffer from a mild case of cerebral palsy. Befriending this duo, Damian is soon embedded in two worlds that involve everything from a missing child to the deaths of innocent people at the hands of a crazy mind. Add a stalker into these woods, whose target seems to be Damian, as well as the gossip around town that a loner has entered the peaceful village and is starting to frighten residents, and you have yourself a thrilling story that readers will sink their teeth into.

Written extremely well, the rich detail of the characters and locations author Marek Záhorec presented brought me into his world completely. Heart racing, skin chilled…I actually felt the tension and fear that comes from watching the line between reality and fantasy disappear. The intricacies of two men’s lives overlapping each other should have been difficult to keep up with; yet the author’s skill to lead the reader through this maze was astonishing.

In “A Cabin in the Woods,” Damian Noble’s sanity, as well as the sanity of the characters he writes about and the ones surrounding him at the cabin, is a mystery to the very end. Readers will be puzzled trying to figure out whose brain may be housing a demon and, even more eerie, how many demons have actually set up shop inside the people we meet. It is my opinion that readers will be mesmerized by this journey—so much so, that it will remain with them long after the story has come to an end.

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