“Three Kisses” by Heath Daniels

Three Kisses

Heath Daniels
ITO Press (2019)
ISBN: 9781941072370
Reviewed by Mark Sneed for Reader Views (03/2021)

“Three Kisses” is another ambitious undertaking by Heath Daniels. I like the effort. Daniels works with the idea of Islamic terrorists threatening the nation. As a reader, the trope is a little worn and I was a little surprised at the length of the novel, but Daniels’ descriptions are strong and pulled me in. “Three Kisses” is an intriguing book as it has photographs in the book to reinforce the descriptions. It is as if Daniels is telling a story and treating the reader to a photo album along the way.

As I read “Three Kisses” I realized the novel is actually three books in one. The first installment is titled: Desperation. This is the set-up of the book. The second part is Discoveries. There are  many elements of Desperation mentioned and other ideas introduced here. The last part of Three Kisses is the third act of the book and titled: Consequences.

Daniels has some twists and turns in the novel but the pacing is slow. There are a lot of details in “Three Kisses” and at times those details bog down the story just a little. I wished there were more action and less expository cultural education. The novel is ambitious. I can see where Daniels is headed and the effort is a bit of a rollercoaster. It fights to be a page turning international thriller, but at the same time a guide to Islamic culture. It is a hard balance. There are moments when it seems that Daniels feels there is a need to explain Islamic culture at the expense of the story.

This novel explores a number of places. There are photos of most places. There are a host of government groups doing questionable things under the guise of national security. “Three Kisses” by Heath Daniels story may appeal to readers who enjoy books centered around Islamic culture.

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