“The Whistleblower’s Tune” by Hugh Giblin

The Whistleblower’s Tune

Hugh Giblin
Black Rose Writing (2020)
ISBN 978-1684335008
Reviewed by Amani Salahudeen for Reader Views (03/2021)

“The Whistleblower’s Tune” is Hugh Giblin’s memoir on the experience of whistleblowing. Hugh was working  as an accountant in an international union in D.C. While he was there, he stumbled upon something life-changing; the union was controlled by the Chicago Mafia. Giblin talks a lot about the actual cases and the experience of whistleblowing. It is such a compelling memoir that will keep you up at night. “The Whistleblower’s Tune” is more than an interesting and informative book, I loved that it had a lot of mystery and history, which is one of my favorite subjects to read about and I became really invested in the story.

As I read “The Whistleblower’s Tune,” I loved that this was a true crime memoir. I’m always fascinated by these narratives and I think it has to do with my B.A. in Journalism and Professional Writing so I love reading about cases like this one. This book goes through Hugh’s investigation and how he ended up being the whistleblower. This book has a lot of suspense, humor, and romance.

Hugh did six years of thorough research on this case. He connected with the government to get help with his investigation. Although the book is relatively short, there was a lot of information on the Chicago Mafia and this will be interesting to anyone who enjoys reading true crime books. The Chicago Mafia exploited its members. Most of the members were poor hotel and restaurant employees.

Hugh draws readers in by telling them that the first time he was aware of the Mob he was only eleven. He had witnessed someone getting shot by the Mob. Hugh also mentioned that it was during that time that he realized the villains didn’t always get caught. Hugh compares it to the movies and explains how at that age he realized life wasn’t like the movies.

“The Whistleblower’s Tune” by Hugh Giblin will appeal to fans of true crime podcasts or true crime books. It’s like nothing I’ve ever read before. It was easy to finish in one day and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in journalism or curious about the subject. If you are into true crime, this is the perfect book to pick up!

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