“A Piece of the Moon” by Chris Fabry

A Piece of the Moon

Chris Fabry
Tyndale House Publishers (2021)
ISBN 9781496443458
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (03/2021)

Chris Fabry has delivered a story you would swear was true. “A Piece of the Moon” is set in the fictional town of Emmaus, West Virginia. The people there have always heard about a treasure hidden somewhere by Gideon Quidley. Roger, a young pastor, sets out on a trip to find the hidden treasure and doesn’t return. Upon this news, a radio host, lovebirds Pidge and TD, and a young boy named Clay begin the hunt for Roger. The hunt for Roger takes many twists and turns, ultimately leading the team to discover just how strong they truly are.

“A Piece of the Moon” is a wholesome tale of the people and ways of West Virginia. Although the story is set in 1981, there are strong innuendos to life in the Fifties. The people of Emmaus honk the horn when they drive by, and everyone looks out for one another. All the latest news was heard from the local radio station. The town even gathers when a meeting is called.

Fabry also does an excellent job of portraying the importance of religion to the people of West Virginia. As a pastor’s wife and resident of West Virginia, I would often find myself nodding whenever something religious happened or was spoke of. Gideon Quidley was a firm believer in Christ and the purpose of his treasure was not to make someone rich but to bring them to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. He would use Bible verses as clues to the treasure’s location. The storyline may be fiction, but I would not be surprised if someone in my town were to tell a similar story.

My favorite aspect of “A Piece of the Moon” was the country music songs played from Country 16. I also loved the character names like Pidge, TD, and Possum. Everything about this novel is true to West Virginia. I felt like I was reading something published in the Welch Daily News.  The never-give-up toughness of people in the Appalachian Mountains is accurately portrayed in every character and plot twist.

I would recommend “A Piece of the Moon” by Chris Fabry to anyone who loves country music, the people of West Virginia, and a treasure hunt. My only warning is don’t read this before going to bed if want to get any sleep. You won’t be able to put it down.

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