“Pig” by Nancy Williams


Nancy Williams
Hellbender Books (2019)
ISBN: 9781620063262
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (03/21)

“Pig,” is a fascinating psychological thriller that involves depravity that goes beyond the scope of a typical imagination.

Carrie Owens is enjoying a calm, quiet life, with her husband, when her life is turned upside down, one night while she is volunteering at a battered women’s shelter. A horrific incident with a pregnant woman triggers Carrie to have an emotional response which severely affects her peace of mind. Carrie believes that the woman was impregnated by one of the Pig People who are feared to be living in hiding nearby. The Pig People are mutants rumored to hide underground during the day. They usually avoid people but are believed to have run out of females and are now kidnapping local women so that they can breed. While all this is happening, Carrie feels like she is being watched. When she meets a local resident who recently returned to the area, she is thrown into further turmoil because of her attraction to him. When tragic incidents take place shortly after, Carrie allows this man to get closer to her. This forces the person, who is stalking her, to take drastic measures and the suspense really heats up quickly. Carrie is in a fight for her life, while she sees hints of a connection to her past, she is convinced the Pig People are fully responsible.

“Pig,” is a fascinating psychological thriller that involves depravity that goes beyond the scope of a typical imagination. The author Nancy Williams takes us inside the minds of characters that are damaged by life events, and unable to clearly see the full story of what is happening to them. This especially involves, the heroine, her hero, and the villain. Williams did a fantastic job of keeping me off guard, with the twists that she put into the storyline. Her vivid descriptions of the settings, scenes and characters really brought the story to life in my mind. I felt more like I was watching a movie, than reading words on a page. While I initially assumed this was a horror novel, I soon discovered it was a psychological thriller that is not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend this novel for adults only.

Readers who will enjoy stories involving horror and psychological suspense, will absolutely love “Pig” by Nancy Williams.

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