“Life in the Chastity Zone” by Holly Brandon

Life in the Chastity Zone

Holly Brandon
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN: 9798633782684
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (03/21)

Holly Brandon makes a spectacular launch into the literary world with her debut novel, “Life in the Chastity Zone.” As the first book in the author’s Chastity Series, the story sets a high bar for what will no doubt be an exciting romantic comedy series.

True to her name, Chastity is a thirty-year-old virgin in search of a fairytale. She has her whole perfect life perfectly mapped out. Unfortunately, her fiancé leaves her for someone else and Chastity’s only option is to find a new soulmate. None of the men she encounters however, seem to be able to live up to her expectations. Don’t get me wrong, Chastity is no shrinking violet and has a lot going for her – she’s outgoing, has an infectious personality and is a structural engineer working on her PhD – she may think she needs a man to create the perfect dream life but from here it sounds pretty good already!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Life in the Chastity Zone.” The characters in the story keep readers well-entertained; I laughed out loud several times. Chastity’s family is the poster family for dysfunction. Cousin Roxie is the polar opposite of Chastity. Her parents are eccentric and out of touch with reality. Chastity’s grandmother is a hoot – she enjoys her martinis, maybe a bit too much. Add to the mix a 10-year-old neighbor who knows too much about Chastity’s personal life, a surplus of incompatible suitors, mean girls from high school who can’t get past the popularity race, and an ex-fiancé that never quite leaves the inner-circle. This unconventional cast of characters guarantees non-stop action, fun and misadventures!

The premise is simple enough and Chastity carries the story. How one girl can be so accident prone and have the worst luck ever, makes it a hilarious romp that chick-lit lovers will devour. There is also an underlying mystery event that happened earlier in Chastity’s life exposing readers to a more serious side of her, complete with deep inner wounds and a sadness she just can’t overcome. I loved seeing the many sides of Chastity and her evolvement over the course of the novel pays off. I will say that it did take me awhile to catch on regarding the mystery event – I felt like I missed an important piece of information early on, but readers are eventually let in on the secret and it all makes perfect sense from there.

The author’s writing style is fresh and fun; I love the humor, wit, and sarcasm injected into the story. “Life in the Chastity Zone” by Holly Brandon is a must-read for romance fans, women’s fiction, and contemporary fiction. I was a little sad when I finished reading but the surprise ending promises there will be more to come. Can’t wait to see what Chastity gets into next!

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