“Overnight Delivery” by Raymond Parish

Overnight Delivery

Raymond Parish
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9798554487583
Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby for Reader Views (4/2021)

“Overnight Delivery” by Raymond Parish introduces readers to psychotherapist Hank Anderson who gets caught up with a wild referral from his police pal, Phil. As with many first time offenders in the court system, they will be provided the opportunity to attempt outpatient treatments before getting locked up if they offend again. Kenny was an example of this. Phil told the judge that he knew of a therapist who had dealt with drug offenders and offered to refer Kenny to Hank. Little did Phil and Hank realize who Kenny really was and what he dealt with.  Many twists and turns, lives taken, and people being hurt all occur in “Overnight Delivery.”

As someone that works in the behavioral health world, I appreciated Hank’s character and how it felt like he was a real therapist who cared about the well-being of his clients and their records.  I really appreciated the character of Belinda-the office manager and “mom” of Hank and his working partner Dennis. She tried to maintain HIPPA compliance throughout all of the destruction that occurred. It is obvious that Parish is a therapist himself and acknowledges that even therapists need help with whatever trauma they themselves are dealing with.

The bulk of the storyline of “Overnight Delivery” takes place over a week….a very fast paced week. It really is scary to think that this happened such a short period of time and so many people were affected. In that week, many twists are described including a major one that I certainly wasn’t expecting, but it made sense. Strangely enough, it made sense. It added to the thrill of the mystery. It added to the climax of the story.

“Overnight Delivery” is a refreshing mystery written by a new fictional author. As per the author’s notes, he has written several non-fiction pieces, but this is his first fictional one. I am interested in seeing what else Hank can get himself into or maybe explanations of stories that were hinted in “Overnight Delivery” that involved Phil and Hank. Overall, a really fun mystery.

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