“Tomorrow’s End” by G.R. Morris

Tomorrow’s End

G.R. Morris
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 9780615852379
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (04/2021)
5* epic philosophical sci-fi horror!

“Tomorrow’s End” by G.R. Morris is an epic philosophical sci-fi horror story – wow! As the author’s debut novel, it’s book one in a series that promises to entertain, horrify, enlighten, and expand the minds of all who dare to partake in this glorious production.

The story is an intriguing look at free will and how the choices we make affect everything – even the choices we make! When tragedy strikes, Kevin, an abused teenager, learns that he is destined to be the savior of the galaxy. With little choice in the matter, Kevin must fulfill the prophecy and begins his tutelage under a snake-like alien named Robert. Everyone is out to destroy Kevin, leaving him to wonder – who can he trust? And if he really has free will, can he choose not to be the savior? At what cost to humanity? The stakes are high in this battle between darkness and light, good and evil, and humans and aliens.

I said it earlier, but it warrants repeating – wow! “Tomorrow’s End” takes hold of you on page one and never lets you go. Readers weave in and out of the present, the past, and the future, as the author transports us deep into his complex world, swathing us with intricacies that rival any fantasy world. This is not a world of rainbows and butterflies, but a world encountered in nightmares. The gore factor is off the charts with gruesome aliens using skulls for shoulder pads, faces melting, oozing rivers full of black blood – you get the picture. And I mean you really do get the picture – it’s almost like seeing a movie and you get to a part where you want to look away, but morbid curiosity sets in and you have no choice but to keep on watching.

The characters are amazing! Kevin is a phenomenal protagonist, and with Robert mysteriously guiding every action, it’s a noteworthy adversarial partnership that propels the story to the next level.  KEVIN and ROBERT! Just the concept of using such conventional names as Kevin and Robert in this type of story is worth the read alone. Who knew the savior would be an ordinary teenage kid and his mentor a serpent alien? And the witty banter between the two – brilliant. I caught myself laughing out loud many times.

The settings, the characters, the philosophic conflict, the battles – all  combine for an explosive action-packed narrative that is possibly quite unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Dark, hard core sci-fi horror at its finest. I get the feeling the author really had a lot of fun creating this piece and the ending promises that the next story in the series will be even better. I for one, can’t wait.

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