“The Cardiff Giant” by Larry Lockridge

The Cardiff Giant

Larry Lockridge
Iguana Books (2021)
ISBN: 9781771804240
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/21)

5 Stars – A Perfect Satire

“The Cardiff Giant,” is the first book in the Enigma Quartet series by Larry Lockridge.

When investigative reporter Jack Thrasher arrives in Cooperstown, New York, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. He is there to investigate the disappearance of the Cardiff Giant from the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown. The quirky locals are convinced that the giant has been reanimated and is roaming through the community. Jack’s investigation takes him around the community, interacting with the local folks who are caught up in their metaphysical pursuits, which directly impact how they view the giant. Jack finds himself engaging in some interesting adventures as a result, including some erotic encounters!  Determined to solve the mystery, Jack is stunned when he sees the giant brought to life. The mystery delves deeper, and appears to become more complicated than imagined, until Jack discovers the truth.

Larry Lockridge has done an excellent job of putting his writing talent on display with this novel. He incorporates a fun plot that is based upon an actual American hoax with a cast of quirky, eccentric characters. While the characters tend to be a bit off the wall, at their core, they share the same desires and dreams that the rest of us do. They are just very caught up in their social constructs. The author sets the scenes at real locations in Cooperstown. Being able to look for information on these places, made this story even more fun for me. I felt like I could see the scenes actually taking place at the real locations. I loved how the characters, settings, legends, and metaphysical beliefs all blended together to create an amazing escape during my spring break.

Readers who enjoy a good satire will really love “The Cardiff Giant.” Lockridge seamlessly incorporates many writing tools which would make this novel a great resource for readers’ and writers’ groups. I also felt that this would be a great tool to use as a required reading for an English course. Students will not only learn from the writing techniques they will also enjoy reading the story!

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