“Natalie Stone” by Martin J. Ryan

NATALIE STONE: Beyond Survival And Into the Light

Martin J. Ryan
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 978-1736758205
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views  (1/2021)

5 Stars – From Victim to Victor

“NATALIE STONE: Beyond Survival And Into the Light,” by Martin J. Ryan, is a nail-biting thriller romance that will entertain you, inform you, and move you.

Meet Natalie Stone, a brilliant young woman who is so involved in her computer work that she lacks the social savviness of most women her age, which makes her easy prey for predators in waiting. After a campus assault, she has dealings with the police and the college that let her down, so revenge may be in the picture. The why is easy. But the how? Her brains are her saving grace; and her lethal weapon of choice is from the world she knows best: Hacking. She has contact with a former mentor, coding genius and investigator into government activities, Mario Del Campo, who guides her in regaining some of what was stolen from her. Together they investigate via hacking to expose the wealthy criminal responsible for her parents’ deaths. When another threat arises, they run to Italy, getting aid from international allies in the fight against Natalie’s menacing enemy.

Though this novel can be categorized as thriller, romance, suspense, etc., what it really is, at its heart, is a human story. Natalie’s story. One many women have lived. Maybe not in the same way, but some of the reactions and ramifications are very similar if not the same. Many women suffer in silence, while others try their best to fight a system that seems engineered against them. Some even prevail with the help of Lady Justice. But few who have been victimized rise above victimhood to become a champion, both on a personal scale and a wider scale. Natalie’s character is an inspiration to readers everywhere.

The author has reached inside a woman’s heart to tell a realistic story that will resonate with audiences. Men can write as women, and women can write as men, but not all pull it off as successfully as Ryan. He knows this character intimately, and handles the subject of assault with sensitivity, intelligence, and respect–while offering an entertaining story that will leave you wanting more. “NATALIE STONE: Beyond Survival And Into the Light,” by Martin J. Ryan, is a powerful, award-worthy novel you shouldn’t miss. Trigger warnings may apply.

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