“Distracted: Finding God in a Chaotic World” by Sherman Burkhead

Distracted: Finding God in a Chaotic World

Sherman Burkhead
Renown Publishing (2019)
ISBN: 9781945793851
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views (04/2021)

Sherman Burkhead has delivered a theologically sound resource for Christians. In “Distracted” Burkhead tackles an all-too-common problem for the 21st century Christian, finding God amongst the chaos of life. He attempts to do this by breaking down the topic with an introduction, six characteristics of distraction, and a conclusion. At the end of each chapter, Burkhead has included questions for the reader to reflect on. He also provides a space for notetaking.

Because I am the wife of a pastor, I am often looking for resources that help me and others become closer to God. I appreciate the work put into this book. The author is a senior pastor, educated, and well-read. He uses quotes and reflections from people such as Jon McArthur, Warren Wiersbe, Timothy Keller, and John Piper. He also backs up every topic with an abundance of scripture. The reader cannot mistake this book for just another self-help resource.

I really liked the characteristics of distraction that Burkhead explores. Our distractions do come from fear, a need for control, and the assumptions we use as facts. Our author breaks each topic down with real life examples as well as biblical examples. I specifically like how he uses Peter to explain the problem with assumptions. What Peter thought was going to happen after the death and resurrection of Christ was not what Jesus already had planned.

Overall, there are a lot of great aspects of this book. Burkhead did a great job explaining why we get distracted and gives the reader tools to combat this issue. Personally, I felt Burkhead could have dug a little deeper into the topic. At times I felt like we were on a helicopter ride across scripture. We were skimming the surface at a fast pace.

I would recommend “Distracted: Finding God in a Chaotic World” by Sherman Burkhead

to anyone who is wanting to learn how to get things out of their lives that distract them from God. It is a book that truly makes you reflect on how your own life with Christ is going and how to partner with Christ to purge your life of anything that is a distraction from the Almighty.

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