“ORBS: The Energy Around Us” by Sandy Mayberry

Orbs: The Energy Around Us

Sandy Mayberry
Balboa Press (2020)
ISBN: 9781982247300
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views 4/2021

In 2013, Ms. Mayberry captured her first large orb in one of her photos. Not knowing exactly what this anomaly was or why it happened, she set out on a physical and spiritual journey to find some answers. Along the way, she was met by plenty of skepticism, but she did not let that discourage her on her continued journey of knowledge and answers.

Throughout the years, she has continued exploring the world of unknown orbs trying to find any answers or information she could find along the way. She has opened her curiosity by reaching out to others all over the Internet trying to find answers to her questions. During her ongoing journey she met some incredibly amazing people who not only have shared their knowledge of orbs with her but has also made lifelong friendships along the way.

Ms. Mayberry immediately grabbed my attention with her book “Orbs: The Energy Around Us” and it took me on a journey as I turned the pages. I love everything and anything paranormal, so it was an easy choice for me to want to read and review this book. I loved her narrative and seeing some of the pictures included in the book was a bonus for her readers to enjoy. I also loved seeing how along her journey, she met some amazing people, and she has made long-lasting friendships from something as simple as sharing pictures and stories of orbs in all of their pictures collectively.

Overall, I loved reading this book because as I mentioned above, I love all things paranormal. Throughout the years, I also have seen orbs or other anomalies in my pictures, and I am a firm believer in energy being all around us all the time. I feel Ms. Mayberry did an excellent job in sharing her ongoing journey with us and I think any reader would enjoy this book, especially paranormal lovers. I know some older children are interested in paranormal topics and this book would be a good choice because there is nothing frightful in it at all. The author lovingly tells her story by honoring the spirits that are showing themselves as orbs in her pictures and we the readers are also honoring those spirits by reading this entertaining story and sharing any experiences we may have had throughout the years as well. The author included her website and Facebook page if anyone wants to connect with her and continue the journey of knowledge long past finishing her book. Well done, Ms. Mayberry!

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