“Inside the Sun” by Alexis Marie Chute

Inside the Sun

Alexis Marie Chute
Sparkpress (2020)
ISBN: 9781684630455
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/2021)

“Inside the Sun,” is the third fantasy/adventure in the 8th Island Trilogy by Alexis Marie Chute.

The Wellsley family is still on Jarr-Wya. Ella is turning fifteen and continues to battle cancer. She feels that she is nearing the end if she cannot find a cure. She is still in love with her alien boyfriend, Luggie. Her grandfather Archie is still learning the ropes in his newly discovered role on this world. Her parents haven’t resolved their issues with each other. This is painful for Ella. Her mother has learned something incredible about her past, and it helps us understand why Ella is so special.

In this journey, the family and friends are on a mission to help Ella deliver a special key to the mysterious star which hides under the ocean. Ella believes that she can save not only this world but others by completing her mission. She also knows that it will probably be the last time that she sees her family and friends. Working together, the group has to battle the evil Millia. They try to form alliances to survive both their enemy and the destruction of their planet.

Having enjoyed all of the books in this trilogy, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this journey ends. While it could be the conclusion of the series, I am hopeful that there will be a spin off with more adventures. I am hooked on this series! As with the other books, “Inside the Sun,” stands well on its own and it can be enjoyed without reading the first two, but I highly recommend that you do read these books in order because they tell such a fantastic story.

I love how the characters have depth and evolve through each incredible adventure. Visiting with the old characters and meeting some interesting new ones made this story even more fun. Watching Ella discover who she is really is, and beginning to step into her power, was awesome to observe.

The author, Alexis Marie Chute, did a wonderful job of creating an amazing fantasy adventure. She has a gift for creating a sensational plot which is full of eccentric characters and vivid details. I love being able to settle down with one of her books and visit this other world.  This is highly recommended reading which will be enjoyed by readers from pre-teen through adult age.

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