“Resistance, Revolution and Other Love Stories” by K

Resistance, Revolution and Other Love Stories

FriesenPress (2020)
ISBN: 9781525566516
Reviewed by Chelsy Scherba for Reader Views (04/21)

“Resistance, Revolution and Other Love Stories” by K offers readers a plethora of genres and unique characters to awaken your imagination. There is something for everyone; themes of love, lust, faith, sci-fi, and allegory populate the pages of these twelve short stories. Expertly written by an English major, many of these tales were already published in magazines prior to being compiled into this single volume work.

K is an outstanding wordsmith. Her breathtaking prose is reason enough to pick up this book of short stories. While not every story resonated with me, the ones that did left quite a profound impact. In particular, I loved the more allegorical stories like “The Invitation” and “The Garden.” As a fan of Nathaniel Hawthorne, these two works spoke to me in particular. I also enjoyed reading the two stories that featured interesting perspectives, such as a blind girl struggling to find her independence, and even one seen through the eyes of a dog. Another stand out was the science fiction tale about a man and his automaton robot. I particularly enjoyed the surprise ending, which proffered that not everything is as it seems. The first story, “Radius” discussed some particularly heavy themes with an ending that still haunts me.

Another story I really liked was about a man trying to decide between his challenging marriage and a new, exciting relationship. There is also a retelling of “Orpheus and Eurydice” that is a worthwhile read. This book explores love from many different viewpoints, whether old, young, human, or something else altogether. I never felt bored while reading.

The stories I did not enjoy as much were more erotic in nature, but still very well-written additions that would be entertaining to an audience less sensitive to such language and topics. Overall, this is a solid collection of stories that surpassed my expectations and was a delight to immerse myself in for a couple of weeks. The editing was also very professional. There were a few punctuation errors, but very seldom. I barely noticed them because I was so enthralled with the writing.

If you’re looking for an anthology of stories that will maintain your interest and spark your imagination, then look no further than “Resistance, Revolution and Other Love Stories.” From teenage dreams, to love from beyond the grave, you will be transported into the exotic places, unusual circumstances, and unique worlds of the stories’ inhabitants.

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