Vipin Gupta
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 9798731949101

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/21)

“Is Divine Energy: The Secret of the Limitless Immanent Value,” is the fourth book in the Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature series. There will be twelve books total in this highly informative series. The discussions cover “the science of everything,” in regard to Divine Energy and Present Reality.  “Is Divine Energy,” involves an informative, comprehensive discussion on why the divine is a state of mind. Our divinity is influenced by the deliberate choices we make. Our immanent value is something that is intrinsic and inherent to us. I was impacted most when Gupta discusses the importance of the path to becoming conscious of our “knower reality,” which is “a creator of the diverse mental realities.” How we utilize this knowledge is reflective of our divinity.  When I include this with the discussion about the three types of divine energy, which include: “primordial energy;” “primeval energy,” and “param energy,” I recognize the importance of being aware of where my divine energy originates and the kind of impact my conscious decisions can make.  I still want to gain more knowledge and awareness in this area.

Since each book in this series offers a tremendous amount of information, I find myself noting particular areas that resonate most with me for where I am currently at in my journey, so that I can narrow my focus. Initially, I started journaling the information while reading, but then realized that I was halting the flow of my reading while I was writing. With “Is Divine Energy,” I decided to go with the flow and read, while noting key areas with sticky notes. I would find myself having some very interesting dreams, that made me feel like my mind was still processing information. When I later returned to reading, I would review the areas that I had tabbed.  I felt like I had a greater understanding, and this is when I journal the information.

Studying this series has had an amazing impact on my life. Gupta has helped educate me on how to be more aware of how I impact my present reality and divine energy.  While I keep in mind the principles that he has been teaching, I view things much differently now. This has helped me clean up areas in my present reality where I feel like my thoughts and behaviors were blocking the flow because I now want to reduce distractions and focus on continuing to learn. These areas involve my sleep, nutrition, exercise, and organization in my surroundings. I am truly grateful that I have had the opportunity to read this series. Gupta readers will be happy to see that “Is Divine Energy: The Secret of the Limitless Immanent Value,” is another valuable addition to the Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature series.

Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (05/2021):

“Is Divine Energy: THE SECRET OF THE LIMITLESS IMMANENT VALUE” by Vipin Gupta is the fourth book of this 12-book series. Having read the previous titles, I found this volume resonated with me the most.  It was not an easy read, and it felt a little bit more technical than the third book; however, there was a main premise that jumped at me and connected different points that had lingered separately in my mind for a long time. In this book, the author focuses on Divine Energy in our Present Reality. The reader will explore Divine Reality from the Atomic, cellular, and spiritual levels dissecting it to understand its DNA and different transformations within the animate and inanimate expressions of divine energy.

In this context what resonated with me is the question of ‘Are humans Divine?’ In my own spiritual journey, I have explored this question along with concepts of genetic memory, Divine design, time, space, and nature. Vipin Gupta connects all the dots for me in his analysis. In short, the answer to my questions about how all this relates to each other is discovered in these pages  as follows. We are part of a Divine plan embedded within our biological, spiritual, chemical, and physical composition. Divine energy exists within us and reacts to our genetic memory, spiritual memory, surrounding environment, and growth through space and time, and manifests our Present Reality. The divinity of our energy is the power we have to change what we have manifested.

I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now, looking into the philosophies and beliefs of different cultures to expand my knowledge on why we are here and how we relate to what surrounds us. I feel Vipin Gupta’s books have taken my journey to the next level. For that I am grateful I came across his series.

“Is Divine Energy” by Vipin Gupta is thought provoking and enlightening. What is surprising to me in all of the books I have read in this series, is that as I read the complex and technical information the messages and consider questions that have lingered for a lifetime, answers pop up in my mind unexpectedly. A Five-Star must-read.

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