“Countdown America” by M.C. Fox

Countdown America

M. C. Fox
Independently Published (2019)
ISBN 9781732914421
Reviewed by Jan Freeman for Reader Views (3/2021)

“Countdown to America” by M.C. Fox is fast moving from the very beginning. The central character of the story, CIA agent Isabella Bendel, is attacked by a mysterious Russian. She not only stops the attack, but arrests the attacker and hands him over to the CIA.

Immediately after that shocking event, Bendel’s life takes a terrible turn when her family is abducted. No evidence is left behind to help Isabella find and retrieve her loved ones. The kidnapping becomes a nationwide manhunt. To make matters worse, someone is working against her. It is discovered that there is a mole in the CIA who is leaking information to a Russian spy and must be stopped.

Being an effective operative in her job, as well as being active in the hunt for her family, is a dangerous undertaking. She is required to marshal all her talent and training in the effort to find her mother and children, as well as learning why they were targeted. Intrigue is woven through the story as the puzzles surrounding the events are continuously growing.

Amidst the swirling activities of the characters, there is humor as well. My favorite “oddball” character is Missy, who is a computer whiz. Isabella’s exchange with her made me laugh. Only a computer person in the CIA could get excited about a mole! Here is part of it:

“I need you to check something for me,” Isabella said. “I need to know if my computer was hacked.”

Missy whistled. “Hot diggety,” she said. “That could take a while, depending. Any parameters?”

“Start with checking if there’s been anything internal”

“No shit, really?” Missy said, excited. “We got a mole?”

“Try not to look so gleeful, Missy.”  

M. C. Fox has produced an excellent read in “Countdown America.” The backgrounds and relationships of the main characters are well written, while moving the narrative along at a good pace.  It is interesting and holds the attention of the reader very well. I enjoyed the story and would gladly read other books by this author.

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