“Hanging Falls” by Margaret Mizushima

Hanging Falls

Margaret Mizushima
Crooked Lane Books (2020)
ISBN 978-1643858098
Reviewed by Rachael Rodgers for Reader Views (5/2021)

“Hanging Falls” by Margaret Mizushima is the sixth installment in one of the most captivating K9 series I have ever read. Mattie, Cole, and Robo are back in action and things are getting interesting. Mattie has recently discovered her long lost family and has connected with them. She has finally set up a meeting with them and is set to go visit them the next day. Well, the best-laid plans go by the wayside because as she is scoping out the Falls with Glenda of course she would find nothing other than a dead body!

As the investigation begins, she comes to the realization that she may not be able to visit with her family after all. She calls her sister Julia and Abuela to tell them the bad news and they decide to come to visit Mattie. Things get complicated when they find another body and a child goes missing. Mattie struggles to juggle her job and spending time with her family. However, she manages to find the murderer, the missing child, and time to spend with Julia and Abuela.

Margaret Mizushima has this incredible way of making her characters seem so real. The more books I read in this series it makes me want to jump into the book and join in on the action. I can just imagine living in Timber Creek and enjoying the crazy townspeople and various businesses. If I were ever able to talk to her, I would tell her she could never stop this delightful series!

This book and series is meant for teen and adult readers, with the exception of the trigger warnings of rape, child abuse, and polygamy. I think anyone who loves a good mystery with a little drama and romance sprinkled in will really love this book and series. I love the way Margaret Mizushima is incorporating and growing Mattie’s family and friend circle. Also, we are getting a bigger peek into Mattie’s past and adding some of her Hispanic heritage to the storyline so that is quite exciting for the next installment!

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