“Will Computers Revolt?” by Charles J. Simon

Will Computers Revolt?: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Charles J. Simon
FutureAI Press (2021)
ISBN: 9781732687257
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews for Reader Views (05/2021)

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly embedded in many of the things we interact with and use daily. “Will Computers Revolt?: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence” is a timely and informative text by Charles J. Simon, a software expert, and a neural network pioneer. This book is a revised and expanded edition.

The text begins by describing the neurons in the human brain and their functionality. This Simon relates with the possibility of a computer to think just like a human brain. In the subsequent chapters, he defines the term intelligence and proceeds to explore the future of Artificial Intelligence.

The book is divided into four parts that have been intricately broken down. In section one, the author presents an overview of future intelligence in computers. In section two, he expands on the General Theory with a map of various observable facets of intelligence. In section three, Simon introduces the Brain Stimulator II software which creates instrumental ideas in the book, and in section four, he examines his predictions on how intelligence will exist in future machines.

The author poses intelligent questions to readers and maintains that in the future, computers will become the dominant intelligence on our planet. He further asserts that the emergence of intelligent machines will be gradual and decisions such as military operations will be made only in consultation with the computer. “Will Computers Revolt” will leave you wiser and informed. The catchy title and book cover arose my interest immediately. Reading through the text, I realized it was an interesting read, and the discussions expressed in the book lucid and plausible as well.

The text embraces expectations that people anticipate and its use of present-day terms and reasoning will resonate with readers. A lexicon is provided for readers to reference while reading this professionally edited read. I found the writing style to be informative, neat, and detailed. This book is unquestionably a masterpiece and it is obvious the author did thorough research before writing this book. The well-illustrated visuals accentuate the thoughts and views expressed in this powerful read. I genuinely give “Will Computers Revolt?: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence” 5 stars as it avoids all the hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence. It was refreshing reading a book based on facts and not hearsay. The author has delivered a scientifically sound resource that is a must-read for techno-savvy readers.

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