“Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Frizzies” by Elizabeth Reinach

Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Frizzies

Elizabeth Reinach
Xlibris (2019)
ISBN: 9781984592408
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/2021)

“Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Frizzies,” is a collection of short story gems written by talented author Elizabeth Reinach and illustrated by Windel Eborlas. Tales in this collection cover different periods in time, from past to present.

While most take place in our dimension, there is one story written in an entertaining play format that involves being in a place where angels and Lucifer interact. My favorite stories involve two characters named Archie and Ted, who met in the Army. Ted had to serve under his commanding officer, Archie. They both received dishonorable discharges for cowardly disobedience and desertion. The two men remained close, although Archie still tries to be the alpha. Lizzie’s Frizzies has us laughing out loud as we get to see a variety of misadventures starring Archie and Ted. Reinach also includes history in some of her tales. The first story, “Booby Prize,” gives the reader a hysterical account about an Anglican clergyman and a brassiere. More off-the-wall laugh-out-loud stories follow.

I totally enjoyed every story in “Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Frizzies.” I would love to read more works by this author. Reinach has a gift for creating quirky, eccentric characters, and bringing them to life in settings that are perfectly described, so readers will feel like they are watching a play or a movie. She often uses similes, in her descriptions, that are incredibly amusing. The illustrator also did an excellent job of creating pictures that not only match the tales but add to their entertainment. This book has less than one hundred pages, and even though some of the stories are linked, such as with Archie and Ted, they also stand well on their own.

This treasure would be fun to discuss in a reader’s group, or even for a person who does not have a lot of time to read. “Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Frizzies,” is the perfect book to pick up and put down when a reader needs a quick escape. Enjoy!

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