“What is Para Consciousness” by Vipin Gupta

What Is Para Consciousness? The Potential Beyond What We Know

Vipin Gupta
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 979-8506568391
Two Reviews:

Review by Megan Weiss for Reader Views (06/2021)

“What is Para Consciousness? The Potential Beyond What We Know” is Vipin Gupta’s follow-up to his fifth book, “What is Consciousness?” This sixth installment in his overall 12 book project focuses on educating readers on the boundaries of consciousness and the power of the human mind. This is achieved through explaining the fact that our brains actually have a lot more power and potential than we give them credit for, and just because we are living in one particular reality, environment, or stage of life, does not mean that our minds don’t have the ability to stretch beyond those borders. Instead, we let ourselves believe we can only fit within certain boundaries and categories, thus limiting our potential growth.

I thought “What is Para Consciousness?” was a great follow up to Gupta’s fifth book. It was clear that the subject material of the present book derived from the previous book, and that helps with understanding the context of the author’s words and messages. The topic of what the human consciousness and mind are capable of is one of growing interest in recent years, and Gupta’s book does a great job in answering some of those questions. If we can understand how our DNA and environmental influences can effect the growth of our consciousness, then we can potentially use that new understanding to train our minds to work more powerfully than before.

One thing I particularly appreciated in “What is Para Consciousness?” were the sections blocked in red, where the author took time to explain a specific concept that was important to understanding the overall theme of the research. The writing in these passages was sound, clear and easy to read through and understand. I found this helpful since the subject material in general is quite dense and technical. It is geared heavily towards readers who may already have knowledge of the field, and therefore the extra explanations help more average readers to appreciate Gupta’s work and try to understand the new ideas being offered. This also helped the book to flow better than its predecessor, as the interspersed, explanatory prose helped to break up some of the technical terminology so it didn’t feel as much like jumping into a new ocean of ideas and foreign terms. 

“What is Para Consciousness?” is an intriguing, slightly mysterious work that I would recommend to those who want to challenge their minds and broaden their literary repertoires. Once you find your rhythm, the book really flows at quite a nice pace and hooks the reader’s interest with enough significance to keep them wanting to turn the page and learn even more.

Review by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/2021):

“What is Para Consciousness: The Potential Beyond What We know,” is the sixth book in the Discovering the Vastly Integrated Process Inside Nature series. This fascinating work looks at what shapes our organizational reality and what is shaped by our causative reality. Our knowledge of what makes us conscious of life within us as an organization is our organizational reality. Our causative reality leads us to gain knowledge about both our known reality and that which is our unknown reality. With para consciousness, we look at knowledge that can be gained through borrowed consciousness. Extending into para consciousness allows us to expand beyond our potential. Gupta describes para consciousness as “the manageable dimension of consciousness.” As discussed in the fifth book, our consciousness is formed through our experiences. Our para consciousness goes beyond this and uses consciousness that is derived from other’s experiences. Becoming a manager of para consciousness takes dedication, devotion and discipline from a conscious entity. “What is Para Consciousness,” does an interesting investigation on the different aspects of para consciousness.

I really enjoyed reading “What is a Para Consciousness.” As I’ve been building my foundation of knowledge by studying the books in the Discovering the Vastly Integrated Process Inside Nature series, I find that this information has helped me be able to better shape aspects of my reality which includes my consciousness which was discussed in the fifth volume in the series. It has also taught me to want to connect into other areas of knowledge which would involve para consciousness. I want to do a more in-depth exploration in this area because I would like to reach further outside of my own consciousness to access knowledge that is already out there waiting to be tapped.

 I truly feel like the Discovering the Vastly Integrated Process Inside Nature series is a collection of manuals on how the universe functions. As I read, I feel like I am gaining access to secret knowledge, and as I learn, I am in awe of the time and effort that Vipin Gupta has dedicated to sharing his knowledge with us in this amazing series. While the series could probably be read out of order, I feel like I am building a firmer foundation by reading them in order. The terminology continues to become more familiar to me, so I feel like I am quickly and easily about to acquire more knowledge.

Like the other books in the Discovering the Vastly Integrated Process Inside Nature series, I would say that “What is Para Consciousness,” is designed more for readers who already have some kind of background knowledge in science and metaphysics, unless a reader is willing to use these texts as stepping stones in their desire to acquire more knowledge. As I read, I find areas of the material resonating with me, and I do gain an incredible amount of insight after both reading and reflecting on the material, but I also see areas where I could learn even more if I would update my knowledge on science, because of my scientific foundation was learned over thirty years ago. Vipin Gupta’s work creates a thirst for more knowledge!

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