“Shlok’s Dad: A Father’s Perspective of Parenthood” by Vivek Sharma

Shlok’s Dad: A Father’s Perspective of Parenthood

Vivek Sharma
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9798577186753
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (06/2021)

Fatherhood cannot be expressed in words. It is a feeling, an emotion, which can only be experienced. “Shlok’s Dad” is a delightful and entertaining book written by Vivek Sharma. Written in a humorous way, this heartwarming book celebrates the role fathers play in their children’s lives. It is a shining light that gives fathers much-needed recognition in the society. Author Sharma shares his personal experiences of being a dad from the birth of his son Shlok and raising him.

He shares life lessons and parenting tips to soon-to-be parents, couples hesitant about parenting, and those already cruising the journey of parenthood. Peppered with a warm and intimate tone, “Shlok’s Dad” showcases the high and low moments of raising a child, something many parents will relate to. This is not just any parenting resource but one that has raw and honest narrations of even the challenging times of raising a child. “Shlok’s Dad: A Father’s perspective of Parenthood” makes readers reflect on cherishing the blissful moments one shares with their children.

Sharma uses a welcoming way while detailing his journey as a dad to Shlok. He recalls the unforgettable moments that he has shared with his son which will almost likely relive nostalgic moments in parents that have walked the parenting mile. I loved the author’s clear and easy way of writing. It takes the natural talent of a writer to immerse a reader into a book to an extent that they feel they are part of the story. This book did just that.

I rate the book 5 stars because of the smooth and descriptive style used that draws the reader in immediately and provides a vivid look into the author’s fatherhood journey. I commend the author for having gone into great detail while writing this book. The book cover is aesthetically pleasing, and I found the color coordination to be exquisite. The light read was practical and relatable. “Shlok’s Dad: A Father’s Perspective of Parenthood” by Vivek Sharma will put a smile on every reader’s face. For that reason, I highly recommend it.

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